Wednesday, July 29, 2009


My kids and I were eating lunch around our table yesterday and we were talking about a guy named Cliff that we know. Ella said, "Who's Cliff?"

Mac replied, "You know Uncle Dave? Cliff is Uncle Dave's brother." (Uncle Dave is, in fact, my uncle, married to my mom's sister)

Ella's face was still blank. "Who's Uncle Dave again?" and even as she said that, you could see the wheels turning and see her remember who Uncle Dave was (because we see him a lot and she definitely knows who he is...). It all clicked for her just as Mac said, rather incredulously, "YOU KNOW who Uncle Dave is!! He's our uncle, silly!"

They got it all sorted out and, because they are now old enough to grasp such concepts, I added that Uncle Dave is actually not their uncle, but my uncle making him their GREAT Uncle. At this revelation, Ella, who had just figured it all out, looked at me like I pulled the rug out from under her. "He's our Great Uncle?" she replied and with her cutest little shocked, dramatic, Ella-voice she said, "Then why isn't he dead!!!??"

I totally busted up laughing. The logic of my seven-year old Ella... all the "Greats" are dead in her mind!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Random Thoughts on a Tuesday Morning

It is Tuesday, isn't it? I'm losing track...

- Yesterday I fell asleep at about 5:00 and slept for about an hour and a half. It was blissful, and that's coming from a girl who normally abhors taking naps, but it did make it very hard to fall asleep at bedtime so I watched a movie.

- Don't watch the moving "Knowing" if you want to fall asleep peacefully. Especially if your husband is working out of town. I missed his reassuring presence in my freaked out state.

- I am so glad Dustin doesn't work out of town all the time anymore. I feel incomplete when he is not home. I am such a lucky girl to love my husband so much. (and to have him love me as much in return and miss me too.)

- I suck at watering the lawn. Dustin is good at it. Another reason he's awesome to have around.

- My [clean] laundry pile is rather large again. I do great, and then I don't. I still like me, even when I don't do great at keeping up on laundry. Isn't that awesome?

- Getting dressed everyday can be frustrating when you're feeling vain and you are sick of your clothes.

- My favorite pants, the Big Star jeans, are nearing the end of their life. They are the comfiest, cutest jeans and their old-age/near-deathness makes me sad.

- I love Cheerios.

- I love cheese.

- I love nectarines.

- I love it when I make dinner.

- I don't like it when I don't make dinner. Last night we had cereal for dinner. That's a sure sign that Dustin is out of town.

- I don't want to be a landlord anymore.

- I didn't make my bed this morning, and that just makes me laugh.

- My dryer just shut off and I sat down here at the computer when I started the dryer. That means I've been sitting here WAY too long.

- My dryer is quiet and I STILL appreciate that. Never take your quiet dryer for granted.

- I need new sheets. My favorite super-soft cotton ones now have a hole in them because they were so threadbare that I put my little toes right through them in the night. That makes me sad.

- But new sheets will make me happy.

- Air conditioning is really really spectacular. Really.

The end.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Elizabeth Gilbert wrote one of my favorite books ever... Eat, Pray, Love. If you have time, watch this astounding talk she gave. Inspiring, insightful and motivating, her words yank me out of my fear-place and into a place of love regarding what I want to do with my life. Ole'!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


This morning I woke up to Rohan climbing up beside me in bed. A conversation began...

Rohan- "Mommy, where's Daddy?"

Mom- "He's at karate."

R- "Oh."


R- "Mommy, can you get me some cereal?"

M- "Do you need to go pee?"

R- "OH YEAH!!!" and as he walks off to go potty I say,

M- "You go pee and then I'll get you cereal."

R- "Yes, Commander."

M- "Did you say, 'Yes Commander?"

R- "Yes, Commander Mommy."

Stifling laughs, I think to myself, 'Commander Mommy'... I like it!! Then, as he's walking further he says, more to himself than me,

R- "Yes, Commander Karate Kid."

(Commander Karate Kid would be Dustin)

After the potty trip was finished he comes back and lays by me.

R- "Mommy... I really want to see inside Karate Kid."

Umm... what? I think to myself.

R Repeats- "Mommy... I really want to see inside Karate Kid."

I rack my brain a little bit. Karate Kid is what Rohan calls Dustin's karate. For example, if Dustin is wearing his Gi (the white karate outfit), Rohan will say, "Dad, you goin' to Karate Kid?" So, after I come up with that train of thought I apply it to "seeing inside Karate Kid"...

M- "You want to see the place where Daddy does karate?"

R- "Yes! I want to see inside Daddy's Karate Kid!"

M- "Honey, Daddy just does karate at Grandpa's church and you've already been there."

He now looks rather confused...

R- "At Grandpa's church?"

M- "Yep, at Grandpa's church building."

R- "Oh."

And he walks off very satisfied because he, indeed, has already seen inside "Karate Kid".

I love Rohan.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Remember when I used to be such an awesome blogger? And I used to post every day (except weekends)? And I used to be funny and creative and write a lot of stuff?

Yeah, I remember that too.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

For the Picture-Hungry...

I hope it fills you up, oh-hungry-readers, cuz pictures are few and far between on this blog!!!

Here's what I've been up to this summer... in pictures.


The new fence, mid-building. That whole fence line was a wild jungle (much like the rest of the neighbor's yard you can see behind the fence). And see that dirt that Rohan and my dad are standing on? That was sunk in way deeper before from the Bobcat ripping up the jungleness, and my dad brought about 15,000 pounds of dirt in with his dump-trailer which we could only dump over at the end of the fence that's unfinished. So, we had to shovel and wheelbarrow all that dirt, spread it around, rake it smooth... it was a TON of work but so worth it!

More fence building... isn't Rohan the cutest little helper ever? My husband and my dad rock! (that's not my husband pictured, btw. That's my neighbor, A.J.)

Dad, doin' his fence building thing!

My ginourmous squash. (I've been gardening)

After the fence got finished we wanted to "cute" things up. We got two new trees for a SCREAMING deal and so we had to enlarge our beds to accommodate them! Dustin worked his butt off removing sod. (and then he pitched the tent so the kids could sleep out! What a good daddy!)

The front beds used to go just around the edge of those three tree trunks, but Dustin, my sod-cutting/removing machine, worked really hard and did my bidding of reshaping the bed into something much bigger!

And this just shows the flowers a'bloomin'.

This is the other bed, which we made a little bigger too...

Same bed, a couple weeks later with more blooms.


I refinished Ella's bed (finally!) and it's hard to see how cute it is, but there you go...

More Ella's bed.
And inside with the dresser I refinished too. (in her BEAUTIFUL new room!)

Closer up of the dresser...


Taylor's girlfriend, Cherryn, is an aritist and she kindly volunteered to face-paint at my mom's house on the fourth. Rohan, my little Tiger. Mac already had his shirt off from playing in the water so he wanted body-paint rather than face-paint.

Cousin Lance, the dog. Cute Rohan and Mac's back dragon.

The artist-in-residence and all the painted children! (Lily the lemur and Ella with various little spot-paintings!)


Part of the outdoor Idaho-birthday-candle experience often consists of all sorts of windbreaks to try to keep your candles lit. Hence, the cooler lid behind the cake. Just after this picture was taken, all the candles went out in the wind. We relit, put up more windbreaks and huddled close around the cake and just as we sang the "TOOOO YOOOUUU!!!!" at the end of the song, Mac prepared to blow out the candles but the wind came up and blasted them all out for him! It was rather hysterical and we all laughed and said, "Oh well!". Maybe next year we should do them inside, huh?

Present rippage....

Some of the party attendees. Aunts, cousins, grandmas... lot's of love!


The only pics I took while camping were atop the GIANT slide that is at this campground. Here is my little family on top of the slide. As you look at these (way too many) pictures, keep in mind that you can't even SEE where we are standing in this lovely family shot in the following pictures. It is a BIG slide!!!

Rohan and his extra-cuteness! (Enlarge the ones of my kids... they're so CUTE!)

Ella with a big grin and wind-blown hair!

Mac lookin' cool on the slide!

My dad laying down for extra speed!!!

My mom looking very cute on the slide!

Me, looking not very cute on the slide...

"Dustin rocks the slide!

Not to mention the teeter-totter!


Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Five

1- My flower beds/backyard are looking so darned cute! They make me happy! (I know, I know... you want to see pictures! I suck at pictures.)

2- We are going camping for a bit today and tomorrow! FUN!

3- It was Mac's birthday on Wednesday. My baby is NINE! I have a post I've been working on about him, but it's not done yet.

4- I've had an organizing bug. Ella and Rohan's closet is SO organized, I almost don't know what to think of myself! I'll choose to think I'm all sorts of awesome!

5- Laser tag rules. But I didn't rule at laser tag. In fact, I fairly sucked, but I sure had fun! (Mac's birthday "party"- sort of. We just went and played laser tag with some good friends of ours. I'm thinkin' we're going to have to go have a big laser tag date with some couples! Maybe for my birthday next month!!! hmmmm....)


Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's No Wonder

Last week my heart metaphor was a washing machine full of water and clothes, but no churning. Still. Silent.

That was last week.

Today, I'm churning. Crying. Aching.

Sometimes there's no visible explanation, but the washing machine load is on heavy and it's churning up crap I don't really want to see.

But it's time.

Time for me to do a rinse cycle. Time for me to pull my head out of the sand and deal with some realities I've been ignoring. Time for me to plan. Time for me to stop being scared of the word "plan".

Time for me to change the load. Dry this one out. Fold it. Put it away.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mission: Summer Fun

It was said that we could not have picked a day with worse weather... a statement which was arguable, but just because you might argue that the weather could be worse doesn't mean it was good. The sun was sporadic, peeking in and out of clouds moving at high speeds in the Idaho wind. There's nothing quite like Idaho wind that takes already-chilly air and quadruples the chilly-factor into something fairly miserable.

I stood on the deck sporting goose-flesh... even before I submerged my body in chest-deep water. I was reluctant to do it, to take the plunge. The combination of chilly air, twenty mile-an-hour winds and unreliable sunshine was not very appealing to my grown-up self.

My children had no such hesitations. Mac entered the water with a full on *cannon-ball. Ella, with a little more reservation, testing to make sure she could, indeed, touch the bottom and, after her pedi-confirmation, she squealed and splashed like the girly-girl she is. Rohan climbed down the ladder gingerly, feeling insecure even in his life jacket, and, after hanging on the stairs for a minute accompanied by minor coaxing from his brother and his mother, rediscovered how to float, kick, and steer, not to mention grin in an ear-splitting, heart-melting fashion. The most remarkable part was the breakthrough of Rohan's smile absolutely independent of his mother's proximity, close or not.

Upon discovering my children's utter lack of need for their mother in the pool, I wrapped a towel around my shoulders and settled into a chair to observe their watery play. But, a small part of me still wanted to jump in. After all, I had on a new swimming suit that I bought last November that was still awaiting it's first immersion in water. My mind went back and forth for a few minutes, get in or not?, when suddenly Marci, who had been occupied equipping her children with every floating device known to man, stripped to the suit and climbed in the water. I vacillated for only a few seconds more before shedding my own shorts, exposing my bare (and very white) legs to the wind, and following Marci into the water.

It was as cold as I imagined, but screaming about it was half of the fun. Discussions ensued about the wind and how much it adds to the swimming experience, followed shortly by the entrance of "the silliness" that cannot be helped when I'm around Marci. In an attempt to warm ourselves, we became aerobics instructors, calling out moves and trying to do them in the water without getting our hair wet. (not a matter of vanity as much as anti-hypothermia) It was when Marci called out, "Push-Ups!", that I decided to give up the aerobics and trade it for running.

With it's just-above-waist water level, this pool was perfect for leaning forward and digging in for an attempt at water-running, which I did with gusto. It was not long before I was towing several children by a water-noodle as I made my laps around the pool. Did you know that you can sweat in a pool if you don't get your head wet? I didn't, but I do now.

My heart rate reached substantial elevation for warmth to radiate from the core of me and suddenly the wind didn't matter so much.

Fun was had by all, even Mom.

Mission accomplished.

*Artistic license taken. Cannon-balls are so much more exuberant than climbing down the ladder... and he did do the cannon-balls, it was just a little later.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Moving Through

My heart-state always has a metaphor. Always. My mind conjures them like a washing machine churning clothes and if I watch long enough, the one I want will surface. Except lately the water feels still. I can't think of a fitting metaphor. So, would that mean I'm a blank slate? A vacant lot? An empty chair? Or perhaps a stripped bed? No. I think I just pegged it with the washing machine. Full of water and clothes, but no churning. Still. Silent.

Whatever it is, I can't seem to think of much these days. It could be the allergies that I'm battling, making my head feel as though it's stuffed with cotton. It might be that I'm just too tired to care. It's possible that I'm burying my head in the sand so I don't have to do any digging into my own psyche. It may be just me crawling into dormancy, temporary shut down, laying fallow, awaiting the spring when I feel like growing again.

Whatever it is, I'm up for it. Apparently it's my time to stare off into space or at least feel like I am staring blankly, even when I'm busy. It is my time to avoid looking deep into the recesses of my heart. It is my time to learn the routines of keeping a clean house. It is my time to play the guitar every night. It's my time to allow myself to go to bed if I'm sleepy. It's my time to teach my children that there are cycles in life and we need to listen and love.

It's also my time to love myself even when I don't feel like I'm moving forward.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Yes... I have been.


I can't really remember what I did since I blogged last. (a whole WEEK ago!) Oh... yeah. I was tiling at my duplex. Well, my dad was tiling. I was mostly watching with a bit of helping. And I was cleaning. Sticky floors and dirty walls. Good times!

I was also playing life raft for my friend one day... but I didn't even know that I was until she told me later. I love when I am helpful!

Dustin built our storage room in our basement. He's back in the basement groove. HOORAY! He also wired some more lights yesterday. He's become quite the little wirer. I'm so proud.

I've been doing laundry. Always laundry.

Chore charts rule. It's what I always knew I needed but never knew how much I'd always need it... comprende?

My brother and his wife and my sister and her kids came up from Salt Lake City. It was a weekend of bliss. Especially Sunday. We sat in my parents incredibly pleasant yard the WHOLE day. For D and I, it was from noon until almost ten o'clock! ALL DAY! I had my guitar there and I played a little but mostly watched and listened to my brother play. My favorite. My dream day. Listen to Zandy play guitar and sing with him and talk guitar. Beautiful. Magical.

I also haven't been blogging much because I've been playing guitar a great deal. After my post about speaking the same language I started playing every night. It's amazing how much you can improve with a little practice.

The fourth of July we went to see our local fireworks show. You know what's weird? Our smallish Idaho city's Fireworks show is ranked 17th in the NATION! It is a freakin' AWESOME show!!! And, I just read that it lasted 31 minutes and 15,962 shells were launched. ROCK ON!!! We sit a few hundred yards beneath the launch site. Amazing. The finale is a SERIOUS adrenaline rush! I LOVE IT!!!!

The end.