Thursday, May 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Rohan!

Happy Birthday to my sweet, funny, delightful little Rohan Xavier.  This boy is endless joy and nonstop questions.  I bless the day he was born as he continues to bless and delight everyone he encounters.

In honor of Rohan and his awesome Rohanisms, I will post somethings from his school journal that he brought home yesterday.

Lasst night I watched a show called Dirty Jobs.  It was abowt lice.

If I wera a super hero my name would be magma man.  I wood be able too go in magma.

My nickname is Roh Roh and when I was littler than now, but then my mom called me Throwen Rohan.

The animal that is most like me is the sloth because I'm slow at climbing trees.  But at soccer I'm fast.

If I had A free trip, I would go to new Zelend because of the scary eels.  But thay kill.

What do you know about penguins.  What do you want to learn about penguins.  emporer penguins are as tall as Krew (kid in his class).  In Antarctic ther are no plr bears.  And frost bite.

Five words that describe my mom are nice.  takes care of me.  (that is five words!)

I think there is life on other planets.  I think Aliens are on planets.  certein plants. I think certein oxygen.  I think that some Aliens mite be in A different universe.