Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Writing Frenzy

So... my last two posts have been poems. I realized that two poems hardly qualify as a frenzy, but my brain is in a frenzy. All I want to do is write something. Poems, stories, books, music, lyrics... I just, apparently, need to feed some creativity in myself. I sat for a long time tonight thinking I should blog about something, but, all I could think of is a poem that's been rattling around in my brain and anxiously waiting to come out since Saturday. So, that's what I did. I just thought a little explanation might be nice. Life is interesting. Always.

Beside Herself

She stands alone on cold concrete
Eyes locked on gray flecks of stasis.
Passion and purpose swirl around her like the whispers of a dying storm...
Only white noise. The kind you can fall asleep to.

Her back turned, she blindly cradles indifference with apathetic arms.

Time passes... moves with the dreaming child.

Flickers pull at her attention. Words tug at her stupor.
She grapples her Wraith, begging him to hold the foreground.

Flash. Distractions are Eclipsed.

Her eyes dart and indifference is jolted like a still heart under paddles.
One glimpse is enough to see her frostbitten eyes, her cement feet, her stone shoulders, her listless arms with back turned... standing beside herself.


Friday, January 18, 2008


Green and lush, with fragrance sweet
And variegated colors,
The flower thrives on warm summer days
With sun and soil and water.

As days grow short and seasons change,
The blossom dies, the color fades,
Withdrawing into its stable roots
Vitality that held the bloom.

Clouds roll in, and snows descend,
Covering life with a blanket.
Sounds are hushed. Life is still,
But growth goes on beneath it.

What growth occurs, the eye can't see,
The blanket quietly hides,
While covered up with frost and earth
The root grows strong inside.

Gently loosening it's hold,
The frost begets the waters' flow.
Days grow longer. Life awakes.
The dormant root, its quiet breaks.

Shoots reach up with perfect faith,
The cold a forgotten friend,
Through the earth 'til surface breaks
Where life begins again.

Harsh, though, that blanket seems
Of cold and snow and frozen earth,
Life demands those quiet times
Where after comes rebirth.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Snow day... a little late!

So, I'm noticing a pattern here.... every two weeks or so, I blog something. It's about that time! I forgot that in December I took these super cute pictures on a snow day! How can you resist those red faces!! Do you remember when it was fun to eat snow? That used to be fun! (and still is when the mood is right, I suppose!) Then to sit by the heater when it's all over and get warm... oh! I miss being a kid.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


We're eating breakfast, just Rohan and I. I am reading scrips, and Rohan is just sitting quietly not saying much. We're just enjoying each other. Conversation ensues. It goes like this:
R: Mama?
C: Yes?
R: Mama?
C: Yes, Roh Roh?
R: I not Woh Woh.
C: You're not?
R: No I not.
C: Who are you, then?
R: Mama?
C: Yes, Rohan?
R: I not Wohan.
C: Who are you, then, if you're not Rohan? Do you have a different name?
R: Ya.
C: What's your name?
(Pregnant pause... Rohan is thinking of what his name is)
R: "O"
C: "O?"
R: Ya, "O".
C: You're name is "O" now?
R: Ya, I'ne "O", Mommy.
C: Ok, "O".
We continue eating. Rohan munches his cereal, content with his new name, while I stifle a laugh and enjoy reaping the benefits of motherhood.