Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Junk Mail

I got an email one time about how to deal with junk mail. It talked about how, because of the internet, the U.S. Postal Service is losing money. I don't know for sure if that's true, but judging how many times postage has gone up in the last few years, I would guess that it is. Anyway, it said to help the post office out and annoy the people who annoy you with junk mail, just send the postage paid envelope back to them.

I know someone who does this and puts random things in the envelope like dryer lint. While that's kinda funny imagining someone opening an envelope with dryer lint in it... I like to be courteous and issue a reply. I always take the credit card application enclosed, tear it off and write with a large Sharpie, "NO, THANK YOU!" on the application. They always ask me to respond by a certain date, so I try to honor that. :P

It always makes me laugh anyway... I feel good about giving the post office some revenue and sending so many annoying junk mail things back to the sender with my reply! I did this yesterday... and I sent out 10 NO THANK YOU replies. I felt good about that.

I don't know if this helps the post office or not... but it sure entertains me!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Here? or There?

I have been thinking about a strange phenomenon... I don't know if it has a name, but I think it's real. All through my growing up years, I went and played at friends' houses. I didn't have friends over to my house as often. I never thought twice about this.

As an adult, I've noticed that there are certain people who like to have people come to their house. They feel more comfortable having people over at their house than being at someone else's house. On the flip side, there are others who are more comfortable going to someone else's house than having people in their house. Anyone else noticed this?

I am the latter of the two. I have been trying to figure out why. I am always more comfortable at other people's house than I am to have other people in my house! Weird? I think so. But I also know that most people are more one than the other.

So, which one are you? Please leave a comment. I love comments. Comments make my day! If you read my blog, let me know! I want to hear from YOU! Yes, YOU! :)

(no pressure... but I keep getting people that say they enjoy reading my blog, but I don't even know they read my blog until they say that, because they never comment!!! :) I would love to hear from them!)

Soo... let me know... are you the let's party here kind, or let's play over there? My house or your house? Mi casa o su casa?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Manic Monday: Rip

So... I'm being brave and trying a "meme". This is by Mag's friend Mo. He supplies a word every Monday, and you write whatever comes to mind about that word! Fun!

So, todays word is Rip.

I remember when I was a kid, I learned a "magic trick" from my older brother. Holding a piece of paper up to my mouth between both index fingers and thumbs, I would make a ripping sound with my mouth and make my hands look like they had ripped the paper. Then I would ask my "audience" (usually kids who were younger and more gullible!) if they thought the paper had ripped. Yes, they thought so. Then I would hold up the whole non-ripped piece of paper. Wow! I was rather incredible. (snickering inserted here!)

That may be a fairly boring Manic Monday... I am in a hurry and that's what came to mind. If you want some funny rip info... check out Mags' blog!

We shall see how it goes in the future! Anyone can play! Just leave a little link here and we will know to go and look at your blog!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

20 Interesting Facts...

Just in case any of you were wondering...

1- As many of you know, touching your mascara brush to your eyeball hurts and make your eye water. It is now known that jabbing it into the bottom of your iris hurts a lot more and makes your eye water buckets.

2- Jabbing instead of touching can leave a dime sized smear of mascara on your eyeball. It is very messy and very hard not to blink while you try to wipe it off.

3- When you jab or even stab your mascara brush into your iris you can look in the mirror and discover holes in your cornea. When you mention this fact to someone like your sister, she might look in your eyes and say, "Yep, you did! And you've got mascara embedded in the holes!"

4- Mascara embedded in your cornea is rather irritating. It continues to make your eye water buckets. It also causes concern from those who love you and they might suggest you go to the eye doctor.

5- Going to the eye doctor is not an easy task on a Saturday evening around 7:00. Most of them are closed.

6- Three words. Wal-Mart Vision Center. (is Wal-Mart one word?)

7- It is possible for all Wal-Mart optometrists to be at a convention somewhere far away ALL at the SAME time!

8- It is also possible for Wal-Mart optometrists to get substitute optometrists if they are good friends with them, for which, people might be VERY grateful.

9- There are drops that numb your eye so that you can be like Woody in Toy Story 2 where a Q-Tip can slowly come toward your eyeball and look bigger the closer it comes. Then you can watch it scrub round and round on your eyeball, just like Woody.

10- Substitute Wal-Mart optometrists are very nice. They might just give you their home and cell phone number in case you have any questions and it's the weekend.

11- Scrubbing on your eyeball makes your eyeball not very comfortable once the numb drops wear off.

12- Wal-Mart's pharmacy is closed at 8:00 on a Saturday night.

13- Harmon's pharmacy isn't.

14- When you get your eyeball scrubbed, sleep is a good thing.

15- Your eyes don't open in the morning when your eyelashes are stuck together.

16- Sunshine is brutal on scrubbed eyeballs.

17- So is wind.

18- There are very nice people in the world who will step in and lead a choir for Stake Conference when your eyeball has been scrubbed and it waters buckets and stings so bad you can't open it.

19- There are eye drops that are actually a gel that feel really good on scrubbed eyeballs.

20- Eyeballs heal really fast, and can feel a lot better just twenty-four hours later.

21- Eyeballs hurt to be scrubbed, but given a choice, this girl would take that over Torticollis any day!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Neck News

Happy to report that the neck is almost completely normal now. Went into the chiropractor's today and the pain was moderate for only about a minute. YAY!!! It is so amazing to feel good!

The chiropractor mentioned that I was one of the worst cases of torticollis that he's seen in a couple months. I asked him what torticollis was and he said it's a specific type of neck injury with no known cause.

I have since looked up the term and realize that it can be much much worse. As I read more about it, I realized that I have a relative that had this but his ear was all the way down to his shoulder and he couldn't move it. I didn't have it so bad... just couldn't move my head to either side or up. I could look down alright, and I could actually turn my head to the side if I kept my chin down on my chest, which is more typical of the torticollis (as much as I have read about it!)

Anyway... interesting. I am just grateful for my chiropractor. I know he didn't like doing what he had to do. He said several times that it made him feel bad and he hated doing it because he knew it hurt. (hysterical screaming and crying is a good indication!) But he knew what needed to be done and did it despite my whining, and for that I am grateful.

And... I continue to be grateful for Dustin and his magic hands. He has helped this little neck so much!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pain in the Neck!

The neck is getting much better! YAY!! Yesterday, when I went to the chiropractor, I only screamed... didn't cry. That is improvement. And it only was intense pain for about 20 minutes after he cracked things instead of 2-5 hours! YAY!! I did so well, in fact, that he gave me the day off today! (I have gone every day since Friday... except Saturday and Sunday)

Today I can turn my head so I can see over my left shoulder. I can't go quite so far with my right, but that's ok... I can go a lot further than I could a couple days ago and for progress, I am grateful.

For those of you I haven't talked to on the phone- I don't know what I did to my neck. My chiropractor said it is a combination of stuffing and ignoring. I "stuff" emotion in my neck. Then I "ignored" the pain until it reached the point where I wasn't functioning right. Dork? Yes.

Dustin has been on my case for months to go to the chiropractor, but I ignored him and now I've gone almost every day. Despite that, Dustin has been a gem. I spent part of Friday, part of Saturday, Sunday night, all of Monday, all of Tuesday and a lot of Wednesday in the recliner in our living room. Dustin cooked, cleaned, drove kids to school, helped them with homework, bathed them, fed them, and waited on me hand and foot... getting me ice, heating pad, ibuprofen, water, food, pillows, helping me get up and down when I needed it, and anything else that came up!

Not only did he do all that, but he also massaged my neck and back A LOT! He is an incredibly gifted masseur. My chiropractor commented on what a difference his massages have made in the speed of this thing healing. He was amazed... and I am amazed every day that I am married to such a sweet, compassionate and gifted man. I was am so grateful that, after waiting on me as much as he did, he would proceed to massage my neck and back for an hour or so every night. Thank you, Dust... you're the best!

So... the neck is on the mend, the neck brace is mostly off, and I am thrilled to feel human again!

Monday, April 21, 2008

10 Little Known Facts

I have been learning some interesting things about chiropractors and neck braces lately.

neck brace

1- Chiropractors can make you cry hysterically... like mascara as far down as the corners of your mouth kind of cry. (well, actually it's the injury that makes you cry... the chiropractors hates to do it but it's necessary.)

2- Chiropractors are very nice when they are making you cry.

3- Chiropractors can make your neck go from feeling like an angry hornets nest to feeling like someone dug at your neck with a white hot poker.

4- Chiropractors can actually cause partial out-of-body experiences.

5- Neck braces really do make you look as dumb as they portray in the movies.

6- Neck braces, to function properly, still allow you to breathe, but make your blood pulse in your neck and head, which makes one feel a little claustrophobic.

7- Neck braces not only make you look dumb, but make you look fat, because they push all the skin from under your jaw 'til it's up around your jaw. It's all extremely attractive.

8- As dumb as neck braces make you look and feel, they do a great job of immobilizing a very painful neck.

9- When you wear a neck brace and you have a 7.5 year old son, that son might ask every hour or so if he can try out your neck brace.

10- Chiropractors and neck braces are blessings sent from heaven... crying and dorkiness included.


Saturday, April 19, 2008


So, my kids got tagged and I did that, and Britta sorta tagged me... so I have been having issues with blogstipation so I thought I would comply.

So... it's the Ten things you may or may not know about me....

1- My shoulders are crooked, meaning they don't sit level with eachother. Dustin says it's cuz my hips are "off" and my back is "out" so one leg would seem to be longer than the other even though it's not. When I was a bridesmaid at my sister's wedding, my mom made our dresses and she had to adjust the dress for my shoulder that was "off".

2- I am currently donating plasma for a little extra cash and I, apparently, have the genetic makeup that "tastes" strange things when the blood returns to your body. Lacy said that some people, with the right genetics, "taste" a metallic taste on the return and she says that it's just the anti-coagulant they mix with the blood. I don't taste metallic, I taste the plastic tubes that the blood is running through. Right at the back of my mouth there is a taste like brand new My Little Pony's or plastic baby dolls. It is a VERY strange sensation.

3- I was hypnotized one time at a hypnotist show when I was in college. It was great! It amazingly mostly cured my stage fright. I took voice lessons as a teenager and had to do some recitals. It was some of the scariest moments of my life. I had incredible stage fright. Knees shaking, hands shaking, couldn't breathe (which is bad when you're supposed to be singing). Then I went to college had some more bad experiences with vocal juries. Then I went on a double date with Dustin, and Britta and Jeremy and I got on stage to be hypnotized. He had us be our favorite celebrities. I was Sarah McLachlan. He asked me if I wanted to sing something and I said, "Sure!". I got up with the mic and sang the whole song of "Angel" a'capella with almost no fear at all. (there was a tiny bit somewhere in the back of my head, but it was not in control) The first solo I did after that experience was a completely different animal. It actually felt GOOD! Ever since, I have had very little fear to sing in front of people. Some nerves come up, but no big deal. I believe in the power of hypnosis!

4- I often have dreams that I am leading music in church in just my underwear. This is fresh on my mind as I just had one again this morning. It is not a fun dream! Reminds me of a Toosdae post from Mags where I chose to tap dance with a red outfit in front of 1000 people! ;)

5- I LOVE digital cameras. They were the best invention for the girl who never took pictures because I hated to deal with the little rolls of film and pay to buy them and then pay AGAIN to develop them AND figure out what to do with the pictures after. I still have a shoe box full of pictures from earlier days. I am an anti-scrapbooker. I am not against the idea of it for other people, but I don't need anything else that makes me feel like I'm not living up to my ideal. I know myself, and I would never be "caught up" and I would use that as ammunition to beat myself up! So... I love that I can just burn it to a disk and have the pics saved on my comp. and let them come up as a screen saver and look at them more than I EVER would in a photo album or a scrapbook.

6- I wanted to play basketball in high school, but I was too scared to try out. I regret it now, but not the hold onto it and lament kind of regret. It is just a lesson. Never forget what Wayne Gretzky said, "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." I try to remember that now.

7- I miss my Grandma Carol EVERYDAY. She was sunshine. She represented the best of what people can be in so many aspects of her life. She was not perfect, and I know that, but I am grateful everyday that I was born her granddaughter. I am grateful everyday that she was a living example of grace and light. I miss you, Grandma.

8- I have INCREDIBLE friends and family. I am surrounded by people who inspire me. I love to interact with all of them... from my husband and children to those I associate with at church and TEAM and the old skool playgroup gang and my best friends from my youth and college pals and the newest friends I have just met or only know through blogging. Know that if your reading this, I love you and I am grateful for you in my life.

9- I love to sing. Most of you know that already, but I really do. It is a healing thing for me. It makes my heart light!

10- People have asked me my whole life if I am named after someone or if Clancy's a family name, because it's unusual. No... not so. My mom was pregnant with me and was watching a game show and there was a contestant named Clancy. She thought it was cute. So... that was the birth of my name. :) Funny story. I didn't like my name when I was a kid. It was unusual and that bothered me. I wanted to be name Jackie, Anna, Jenny or Tina. Something like that. I am glad now, as a adult, that I have the name I have. Carol Tuttle told me that it was perfect for my energy profile! (whatever that means!)

Anyway... that was kinda fun! Thanks, Britt. I think you are officially tagged... as well as Maria and Rachel, and Mags. I realize that I tagged some of your kids with this same tag... so if it is all too much, then don't worry about it. I just like reading little known things about all you great people. (and you are the only ones who post comments on my blog, so you are the lucky ones who get tagged)


My friend called me yesterday and was anxiously looking for a babysitter. She had tickets to go to the Symphony and hadn't had any luck. We didn't have any plans so I said, "No problem!". She brought them over, and they all had a fantastic time. Her kids are EXTREMELY well behaved and easy to have around so it was super nice for me! Our kids and hers are almost exactly the same ages and they all got along swimmingly!

One of the best parts about accepting the job is that she offered it as a trade! So, tonight we will drop off our kids at their house and go out on a little date ourselves! Probably just a little bit of dinner and then walking around the mall or something. It'll be great to just have some TIME with my hubby. Time without any of the "Mac, PLEASE be nice to your sister" or the, "Ella, PLEASE don't call your brothers names" or the "Rohan, no hitting!" A blissful two or three hours without having to say any of those things will be a nice reprieve!

We've talked about making this into a once a month deal with my friend... trade babysitting! And it is SO not a chore because they just all play so well with my kids that it makes us have an easier night than if they weren't here! What a beautiful barter! :)

I do hope that she forgives me for "sugaring up" her kids! ;) I made caramel popcorn at about 8:00, and as I handed them little bowls of it, it suddenly occurred to me that perhaps their mother wouldn't do such a thing at home. So, I asked the oldest if this was the case, and she wouldn't look me in the eye or say much of anything so I figured it must be so. Sooooo... I hope you forgive me! :)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Recycling with Ella!

Does anyone besides me ever feel guilty throwing away a pair of jeans that have enormous holes in the knees? I hate doing it, but aside from cutoffs, which don't always look "sharp", or perhaps a denim blanket, I've never known what to do with them.

So, I mentioned in a previous post that I was sewing on Monday with my friend, Melissa. I thought I'd post about our little project!

Melissa's mom once recycled a pair of Elsie's (Melissa's daughter) jeans that had gotten holes in the knees. She made a cute little skirt out of them. Unfortunately, Melissa's mom passed away a little over a year ago, and Melissa wasn't sure about how to recreate it. So, we put our heads together and with the help of her mom's large stash of fabric that she inherited, we created little skirts of our own for our girls!

Ella was thrilled to be the recipient of an old/new skirt! These pants were even to small for her, but I cut out the inseams and now they fit! Anyway, Ella was pleased as punch and wore it to school! She is a darling little thing, and definitely all girl! (check out that pose! lol!)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Thrill of a Convertible

Grandma and Grandpa came up yesterday. They got a convertible a few weeks ago and they put the top down and took the kids around the block. They came back from their windy ride (and chilly, notice the coats!) and I asked them how it was.

Mac (with a tone of excited reverence) "It was AAWWESSOMME!"

Ella (with a tone like Crush the turtle on Finding Nemo) "It was SSWWEEEEEEEET!!!"

Rohan (with a two-year-old-already-forgot-about-it tone) "I wike my toys, Mom!"

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blogstipation and the Week in Review

So, I have had a little case of blogstipation this last little while. Working on jump starting my brain... anyone have any jumper cables? I wish it were that easy....

I spent a great deal of time last week sitting on the floor, hunched over our giant Lego box building all sorts of things for my children. A rainbow house for Ella. A castle for Mac. A hex house for Rohan. There were robots and pyramids and cars... always cars. We managed to have Legos scattered all over the floor of Rohan's room... what a lovely, precious mess!

I have spent a lot of time reading as well. Still working on A New Earth. Excellent book, in my opinion. Loving what I am learning there, and everywhere.

Kids were home sick several days. Mentioned that already.

Spent a lot of time on updating and revising Dustin's resume. He is on the prowl for a new job, so if any of you know of something in the Geology/Engineering field that is available give us the heads up! :)

The weather has been beautiful. Until today, that is. Saturday was a lovely day that found Dustin working in the yard, and me going to our local plasma donation center where I got the distinct pleasure of being poked in the arm by my little sister, the phlebotamist. I think it's really weird that they call it a "plasma donation" when they actually pay you to do it. Doesn't quite seem to fit the donation bill when you get paid money for it. Any thoughts?

Sunday was also beautiful. I wore sandals to church, and my feet weren't even cold. I am the choir director in my ward. We are combining with another ward to make up the choir for Stake Conference. I am excited for this little deal to be over on the 27th of April. I had a dream about leading the choir in Stake Conference, and let's just say I'm hoping that I worked out all my fears in my dream and everything will go perfect in the real deal.

Monday was the MOST beautiful of all the days. I think it hit somewhere around 70-75 degrees. It was wonderful. I forgot what that feels like. I had my front and back door open with a little breeze blowing through while I sewed with my friend, Melissa. The breeze wasn't the only thing that came through my house... the back door has no screen, and while we were sewing, Mac or Ella came up and informed me that I was about to freak out because a cat came in the back door and went into the basement. I only freaked out a little bit...

Then, last night, Dustin and I watched "I Am Legend". (Thank you, CleanFlicks!) I didn't care for it much. Dustin didn't like it at all. I didn't know it was a bit of a "scary" movie. I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't that. Oh well...

Anyway... that is my week in loose review. Hopefully this case of blogstipation will clear up soon, and I will have something interesting to say!

Friday, April 11, 2008


So, for the past few days, I've had sick kids. Ella has had a nasty cold and Rohan had a fever and threw up once. Yuck! Mac has claimed to be sick too, but no symptoms. (I think he just wanted to stay home from school with his sister!)

Anyway, last night Rohan's fever broke, but I am thinking he has Ella's cold too. This morning he woke up GROUCHY and crying. He kept saying "Ouchie!" and holding his throat. I think his glands are swollen and his throat is sore...
As he cried and held his little neck he said over and over, "I NEED A BAND-AID!!!" I tried to convince him that a Band-Aid wouldn't help his throat because it was on the inside, but he insisted, and I relented. I put the Band-Aid on and he quited down within a minute.

I should have known because a month or two ago, he had a stomach ache and I had to put a Band-Aid on his tummy. (Actually, four of them!)

I'm grateful for kids who teach me about faith via Band-Aids!!! (perhaps the placebo affect would be the more appropriate term!)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bye Bye Crazy Hair!

So, Mac was thinking he wanted to grow his hair out... I was not so thrilled with this notion as I like his hair short (it shows off his incredible eyes)... but you know, pick your battles!!! Then the other night just before bedtime I was playing with his hair and asked if he wanted a hair cut. He said yes! So, I seized the moment and we went and did it right then!

I took this as a before shot....

Then Dust had the camera while I was buzzing... (hence the blurriness - I love you, honey!!!)

Fresh out of the shower... look at those beautiful eyes! I realized I am biased, being the child's mother, but he really has gorgeous blue eyes.

Crazy Hair Day!!

Wow! So, I'm trying to load my first video ever! How exciting! The kids had "Crazy Hair Day" at school. I did Mac's in a mowhawk of ponytails! He wanted to wear it that way the next day too. I told him, um, no. This was pretty fun though. Sadly, I only got the "leftover hair" after the rubber bands came out. You get the idea though....
I've got a video of Ella and Roh, but I'm going to try to load it in another post. It doesn't seem to want to load in this one!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Tag Kids!

So... I've been working on this blog for days and days. I wanted to get the kids to answer for themselves (with the exception of Rohan) and I succeed with Mac. Ella told me some things and then freaked out when I told her that people were going to read it! She's so cute...
Anyway here it is...

Mac, Ella, and Rohan got tagged by their friends Ellie and Dayton with "10 Things You May or May Not Know About Me".
Whew! Here goes....

1- There is, at this point in my young life, not one vegetable my mom found that I will eat - at least on a regular basis! I will have one pea occasionally or one bite of a crunchy carrot... and when I say occasionally this is MAYBE a once every two or three months kind of occasion! I mostly will not eat fruit either. Perhaps a nibble of a orange or strawberry occasionally, but that's it, baby!
2- I love to build Legos with my mom! (see previous post)
3- All my mom's kids have one comfort thing that hangs on from babyhood. Mine is hair. I love to play with hair, especially when I am tired. When I was a baby and my mom was trying (in vain, mostly) to get me to sleep in my crib, she would stick a lock of her hair (which was long at that point) through the bars of the crib and I would play with that until I went to sleep. Since my mom cut her hair very short, I tend to play with my own hair more. It makes mom kinda sad that I don't play with her hair much now.
4- I have perfectionist tendencies. I have to do things in just the right order or way. If I don't, I do them over again and again until they are just right. For example: We have a van. When I was a little younger, I had to get out of the van in just the right way. I would climb out of my chair by myself, (no, MOM, Roh Roh do it!!!!) and then I would hold out my hand til mom gave me her finger... not her whole hand and not just any finger.... her pointer finger. Then, with my other hand I would hold on to this bolt that sticks out of the sliding door of the van. THEN, I would STEP down out of the van. Not jump... not climb... but STEP! This was a LARGE step for my little body. It would be like an adult trying to "step" off of a four foot high wall. If the step didn't feel just right, I would climb back in and do it all over again. Most days my mom tries to humor me in my antics, but when she's in a hurry and she makes me do things her way (fast), I get very upset and throw a huge fit... to which mom says, "Sorry, dude! We're in a hurry today and you gotta do it Mom's way!"
5- When I was a mere 16 months old, I would watch THE WHOLE movie of The Karate Kid. Not just once, but over and over for months at a time.
6- I am SOOOO cute! My brother, sister, Mom and Dad always want to eat me up cuz I'm so cute!!!
7- I am a concerned little guy. If someone even says the word "Ouch", I immediately ask, "You okay?"
8- I don't yet know how to fall asleep without my mom or my dad laying by me. I used to... until the day I refused to sleep in a crib (15 months old). To get me to STAY in my bed, mom and dad started to lay by me and they haven't had the gumption to figure out how to stop!
9- I talk in my sleep and my mom thinks it's so cute.
10- I learned to walk at 8.75 months! And I learned to pedal and steer a bike just before my second birthday!

1- I am a sunshine kinda girl! I am sweet and loving and sprinkle joy wherever I go!
2- I was an angelic baby. (and still am angelic...) I slept through the night at six weeks old. Not just any old six hour or eight hour kind of sleeping through the night... My mom would put me to bed at 7 o'clock p.m. and I wouldn't STIR until 7 o'clock a.m.!!! Mom thought she had died and gone to heaven... oh wait... she was still waking up with MAC a few times a night. (he didn't sleep through the night until he was three years old!)
3- I, like both my brothers, have my little "vice" that has hung on from babyhood. Mine is my DiDi. DiDi is a special blanket that I love to "suck". I actually put my thumb in my mouth (but strangely, do not suck my thumb... it just sits in my mouth) while I pull the satin edge of my now tattered blanket through my fingers and rub it on my cheek.
4- I love to play Legos with my mom.
5- I am a really good little singer. I have great pitch for a 5 year old!
6- I am extremely tall for my age. I always have been! When Mac went to first grade, the teacher was trying to find a seat for me cuz she thought I was in her class!! My mom told her that I was only 4 years old and the teacher couldn't believe it! I was taller than half the kids in the class!!
7- I walked at 8.5 months! I crawled for only two weeks before that (at 8 months!). I learned to ride a bike with no training wheels last summer!! YAY!!!!
8- I love to listen to most all music, and almost anytime music is on I run and put on a dress so I can dance properly!! I mostly love to listen to "girl songs" (anything sung by a girl) but I also really like Journey. My favorite Journey songs are "Any Way You Want It" and "Separate Ways"!
9- My favorite colors are pink and purple. I am definitely a girl... I love to play with Barbies and baby dolls and My Little Ponies. I also love to read Little House on the Prairie books with my mom.
10- My mom and dad picked my name before mom was even pregnant with me. When they found out they were having a baby, they told both of my grandmas that if I was a girl they were going to name me Ella. They found out then that Ella is the name of my Grandma Nene's Grandma, and my Grandpa Roger's Grandma too! So I'm named after a great-great grandma on both mom's and dad's sides!

1- My real name is McKinley. My name has quite a heritage. It was my great-great grandfather's name, as well as my great-great uncle, and my uncle, and now me! My great-great Grandpa McKinley (he went by Mac too!) was born on the day President William McKinley was shot. My Grandpa Mac's parents were friends with the President and his wife, and so they named their baby William McKinley after their friend and President. Cool, huh!?
2- I REALLY, REALLY love video games. All kinds... little computer games, Wii games, PS2 games, Game Cube... I think they're all great and sometimes that's all I think about!
3- I love to build Legos with my mom. And I love cameras and playing soccer!
4- I learned to walk at 9.5 months and learned to ride a bike with no training wheels when I was still 3 years old! (a few months from 4)
5- When I was a baby, my big vice was my binkie! I LOVED my binkie, and I still tell my mom that I miss it even though I'm almost 8 years old!!!
6- I'm curious about everything! I like to get books at the library that tell me about different things! I don't like school, but I do like to learn new things.
7- I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE horses! I have loved horses since I was a tiny boy. They are my "thing". I have LOTS of toy horses, but not a real one. I want one though.
8- When I was about 2 years old, my mom and I were mad at each other. I got my face all scrunched up and as angry as a two year old can say something, I said, "You want piece of ME?!!!" I was only two!!! My mom couldn't believe that her little two year old would ask that, and it made her laugh to herself! This has pretty much been my motto for my life. I a feisty kind of guy... but equally sweet!
9- I am a very hard worker. I love to work with my dad or grandpa or grandma outside. I also love to help my Grandpa Brayt with projects. One time they had to replace the floor in their bathroom and I carried every piece of board to the garbage pile! Grandpa cut them into small enough pieces for me to carry by my two-year-old self!
10- I love the outdoors, I love to Rollerblade (and I'm really good at it... I can even take jumps!), I love my family, I love to go camping, I am a picky eater, and I have a huge heart that is so sweet and big!!!

And all three of them say, "My mom can hardly believe she is so lucky to have me!!!" ;)

Wow!!! I think I'm finally done with this!!! I think we will tag our friends Keller, Emma and Angela, as well as Hazel, Lilie, and Elsie! Oh... and Mac requested that we tag Gramma Nene!! :) (She's a kid at heart...heck, we gave her a giant teeter-totter for Christmas!)

Friday, April 4, 2008

More Two Year Old Antics

Rohan just came up to me and let me know something: "I'n cold enough, Mom."

"You're cold enough?"

"Yes, I'n cold enough."

He then proceeded to climb on my lap. (I think he just wanted to sit on me...)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Reaping More Benefits of Motherhood!

I really need to be paying bills right now, but I wanted to blog a little bloglet before I forget! I was at my mom's today and we were trying to leave to go and get Mac. I gave Ella a Robin Egg for a treat (you know, those Easter candies that are like Whoppers but they can make you have blue lips?). Ella and Rohan had gotten themselves in the car and I was a little slower. When I got in, Rohan was crying that he wanted some bubbles. It took me a minute to figure out that he was talking about having a Robin Egg too. I gave him some and I told him to say thank you...

"Tank you my bubbos, Mom."

Cute!!! He calls Robin Eggs "Bubbles"! What a cute little monkey!

OK, so that reminds me. I guess this is just a regular blog and not a bloglet... Rohan wanted a piggy-back downstairs today, and I said, "You want a piggy-back, you cute little monkey?"

He said, "No! I not a monkey! I'n a punkin!"

Laughing to myself, I replied, "You want a piggy-back, pumpkin?"

Vehemently, he tells me, "I not a piggy-back punkin, I'n just a punkin!"

What a cute little piggy-back pumpkin monkey!!!!