Saturday, July 25, 2009


This morning I woke up to Rohan climbing up beside me in bed. A conversation began...

Rohan- "Mommy, where's Daddy?"

Mom- "He's at karate."

R- "Oh."


R- "Mommy, can you get me some cereal?"

M- "Do you need to go pee?"

R- "OH YEAH!!!" and as he walks off to go potty I say,

M- "You go pee and then I'll get you cereal."

R- "Yes, Commander."

M- "Did you say, 'Yes Commander?"

R- "Yes, Commander Mommy."

Stifling laughs, I think to myself, 'Commander Mommy'... I like it!! Then, as he's walking further he says, more to himself than me,

R- "Yes, Commander Karate Kid."

(Commander Karate Kid would be Dustin)

After the potty trip was finished he comes back and lays by me.

R- "Mommy... I really want to see inside Karate Kid."

Umm... what? I think to myself.

R Repeats- "Mommy... I really want to see inside Karate Kid."

I rack my brain a little bit. Karate Kid is what Rohan calls Dustin's karate. For example, if Dustin is wearing his Gi (the white karate outfit), Rohan will say, "Dad, you goin' to Karate Kid?" So, after I come up with that train of thought I apply it to "seeing inside Karate Kid"...

M- "You want to see the place where Daddy does karate?"

R- "Yes! I want to see inside Daddy's Karate Kid!"

M- "Honey, Daddy just does karate at Grandpa's church and you've already been there."

He now looks rather confused...

R- "At Grandpa's church?"

M- "Yep, at Grandpa's church building."

R- "Oh."

And he walks off very satisfied because he, indeed, has already seen inside "Karate Kid".

I love Rohan.


Travis said...

Cute. Should we call you Commander now?

**stands to, salutes**

Kristin said...

Very cute... I heart Rohan!

Genene said...

Well, you KNOW I love Rohan! It's repetitive to say it I suppose and I did anyway. He's always got such an interesting little boy perspective on things!

Rachel Chick said...

Oh, Commander Clancy, that is SSSOOOO funny. You have a terrific kid.

Maria Hart said...

Yes, that is one cute little man!

Ginny said...

love it. commander mommy. hilarious.