Sunday, November 25, 2007

Here's Gratitude for Ya!

I don't have any fun or special pictures to upload, but as I just read Britta's blog, I am inspired to write a bit of gratitude as I come out of this Thanksgiving weekend.

I have been learning about living in the Now. Not the future (like I've done my whole life), or the past (seriously, how much good does it do to beat yourself up for something that, no matter how long you pummel, you can never and will never change). I am grateful for this. I went to an interesting website. That is a taste of it. I am learning so much about myself and life, and just the learning... the awareness alone of things I was previously unaware is life changing! For this I am grateful.

I am so grateful for the precious people in my life. I have, surrounding me, a family of dynamic and beautiful people who never cease to amaze me. I have bountiful friends who are EACH noble and incredible. I am blessed.

I have the chance to participate in motherhood... the most rewarding and challenging calling of my life. It is so relentless. It is so precious. Each moment a jewel. I just got to go and lay down with my wild-man, Rohan, until he fell asleep. I love to lay by him and hold his feet. I treasure bedtime with my kids. I get the privilege of reading them stories each night, saying prayers, hugging and kissing. These are tender times. I love to shower them with affection and remind them of the incredible individuals that they are. And in a few minutes, I will go lay down and fall asleep next to my amazing husband. He is so true and so good. He is loyal, loving and gentle. I am meant to be with him and I love finding a new reason why everyday!

I am grateful to be learning about the art of receiving. Thank you, Devan, for being my teacher. I am grateful to a kind and patient Father in Heaven. It is his gifts that I am writing about! I am grateful for music and the love I have for singing. Each moment is a song.

Life is precious. It is not the destination that is important, but the journey. Once we "arrive", there is always a new destination... so enjoy the journey, because that is where joy is found. That is the NOW.

Monday, November 19, 2007

I figured I'd better put a dashing picture of Taylor on here so he wouldn't completely disown me as a sister. After all, he was first seen as wolfman... then as freak-a-zoid. He really is a cutie pie, so I need to redeem him... or myself in his eyes! :) Love ya, Tay!

In October, I got to go to Louisville, Kentucky with my Mom, Dad, and my brother, Taylor. It was great fun, but we got stuck in many an airport and went all over the country trying to get to Louisville. We were trying to entertain ourselves in one of the airports... (I think we went to six of them...) and took some silly pictures. I must say, I have no shame when it comes to making a fool out of myself in pictures. In fact, one might say that I'm famous for it, right Tresa or Mom? (or should I say, infamous?) Taylor might not be to happy that I am posting these, but we sure had a good time taking them.... I guess this is the end result of spending 36 hours flying from Salt Lake to Minneapolis, to New York City, to Washington DC, to Cincinnati, to Louisville! Enough to make anyone pull faces like this! ;)

We went to the Harvest Fest this year. It was a glorious fall day and the kids had a good time. Rohan was obsessed with these ice sculptures. He kept trying to lick them... I noticed many other kids doing the same thing... eewww! We were there with our friends, the Gibsons... that's the other kids in the pics with Ella. Doesn't Mac look grown up? It's trippin' me out! He's going to be EIGHT years old on his next birthday! I'm feelin' old! :)

Ella is losing teeth! This pic was of her first one. She has since lost one more and has two more loose! She loves the hole that they left, and keeps me updated almost daily about the status of her new teeth growing in. She's funny...

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Our little family, November 2006

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Here's my brother, Taylor... he had to come up with a last minute costume, and we had all the wolfman stuff so we threw this together! He was a hit!