Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday's Fabulous Five

Remember how I made up this game a long time ago when I blabbed about fabulous things in my life?  I barely do, but I am committed to posting more for my dear, sweet dad and sister who are far away. 

Dad and Lacy, this one's for you.

1- Brynja's sweet face and her spunky personality.  Not to mention the precious peace that falls on her round cheeks in her slumber.

2- SHORT HAIR!!!!  This is the most fabulous thing EVER.  I feel like me again.  I love me with short hair.  I love the ease of it.  I love the look.  I love the spunk.  I LOVE MY SHORT HAIR! 

And I love seeing my short-haired self holding my sleeping Baby Brynja.

Brynja and I, April 14, 2011

3-Having my tax information all in order and in my accountant's hands and OUT of my hands.  YAY.  This was the latest I've EVER done my taxes and I'm so relieved that it's over.

4- Being o.k. with myself and where I'm at.  Sure there are many things that I want to change, but I am mostly in such a great place and feel so good in my own skin.  I like me.  Isn't that weird and novel?  I like this girl named Clancy.  She's a cool cat, says I.

5- Awakening minds.  Some people get excited about sports.  Some love their T.V. shows.  Some people are passionate about exercise or nutrition.  Some about reading books.  Some about art and creating things, decorating and beautifying spaces.  Me?  I like many of those things, but I thrill at expansion of human conscsiousness, mine or others.  I love to make new discoveries about myself.  I love to dig into my psyche and see what drives me to behaviors that are both desirable and not.  I love to watch the process in others and hear about their unfolding.  This is passionate stuff for me.  I love it and I'm shoutin' it to the world. 


P.S. I feel inclined to ask if anyone would like to join me in processing?  If so, I invite you... get down and dirty with a shovel and dig into yourself.  Find out who you are.  Love you.  Become.  I dare you! 

And then tell me about it, if you wish.  I love to hear about your process, if you feel inclined to share.  ♥ 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rohan the Alien

My Rohan currently has an obsession with aliens.  He talks about them constantly.  He draws them incessantly. 

He has told me several times that he wishes he were an alien.  Today he asked me, "Mom, if I turned into an alien, would you be scared of me?"

I replied, "If I knew it was you, I wouldn't be."

He considered that for a bit and then said, "I could make a badge that I wear that says that I'm Rohan, and then you would know it was me." 

I told him that sounded like a pretty good plan.  He asked me again, "But would you be scared of me?"

"Well, do you think you would be a pretty scary alien?"  I responded.

"Probably.  And I don't know if you would know it was me." he said, with some concern.

I asked him if he thought he would turn into an alien when I was watching or if it would be sometime when I was not looking.  If I was watching, then I would know that he had turned and I wouldn't be scared of him because I would know that he was my son.  But I might be a little scared if I didn't happen to observe this transformation to alien.  But if there was some way he could let me know that it was him, I'd probably be ok knowing my son was an alien. 

He looked very thoughtful and not a little worried. 

He explained to me then that it probably wouldn't be right to have a mom that was scared of her son and that he wanted me to be sure that he's my son. 

"And so, I don't think I'll become an alien, Mom."

I told him that was ok with me too.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 8 of 30

A favorite song....

Can't pick just one.  These are three of many songs I've been listening to while I get all my crap together for our meeting with our accountant. These three just happen to be the ones I've been listening to *obsessively*. 

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 7 of 30

Whoops.  So I'm not doing so hot at staying on task.... but at least I have my subject matter already picked, eh? 

Day 7 is something I want to buy....

I really want to buy a couch.  When we finished our basement, we moved our couch down to the family room and we have yet to replace it upstairs in the living room.  We have a plethora of chairs, currently.  And I don't think I like any of them.  I guess I'm grateful I have somewhere to sit until we buy that couch.  I even have the one I want picked out.  But we decided to be smart and wait until we had the cash to get them (I'd like the loveseat too...)  So, we're still waiting, thanks ever-so-much to our duplex that keeps sucking money. Dustin tore out a tiled shower today and we'll be replacing that next week.  Some mega-idiot that did the bathroom before we bought it put the tile directly onto the sheetrock on the walls and directly on the wood framing on the bottom pan area.  So, the shower has been leaking and leaking over the years, turning sheetrock to mush and the framing to compost under the tile.  Lovely. 

I'd also like flooring for my living room... and paint, and new windows and new curtains.  And new cabinets for my kitchen, and new flooring... pretty much a whole new upstairs to match our whole new basement.  Wouldn't that be nice?