Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Reupholstering is a tricky thing by itself.  It's trickier when you run out of staples at late o'clock and the new ones you bought earlier, when the stores were all open, are the wrong size.  Tricky compounds when your sewing machine randomly decides to do things that look fine on the top-stictch and after a few inches of stitching you realize that something's wrong so you look at the bobbin thread and it's totally WACKED.  And then you mess around with it for twenty or so minutes, throw your hands up in frustration, and move on to stapling with your brad nailer/air compressor setup (this is the next night from the previous staple part so you now have staples).  You are moving along nicely and then your nailer runs out of staples which you go refill and discover that the tricky nailer no longer wishes to push out the staples for reasons unknown.  Tricky turns trickier still when you wake your husband up (who fell asleep watching a movie on the couch) to see if he can fix the nailer, and he gets as frustrated as you are when he discovers that he has not a clue why the nailer is no longer cooperating.

Then you might just cry.

And then you pull your own trick out of your sleeve by saying out loud to your husband as he journeys back to the couch and the movie, "Maybe the sewing machine just needed a little rest.  I'm going to try it again."

Turns out that resting was just the thing for the old Singer.

Off to stitch a little more.


Rachel Chick said...

I always knew you were tricky, Clancy. :)Can't wait to see the finished product!

Kristin said...

Good luck! I hope things have all worked out and you'll be posting an amazing picture (hint, hint) of the finished product soon. :)

Travis Cody said...

So use the nail gun when the Singer is resting, then the Singer while the nail guns is resting? Sounds like a winning plan to me!

Genene said...

And the floors look GREAT!!