Sunday, January 8, 2012


...I could say that I've already done my four posts for this week, if you go from Saturday to Saturday.  Or, technically, I could say that I failed because I've only posted three times since Sunday, the start of the week.

But, oh!  Look at the time.  11:59 is the time I STARTED this post, so I win either way, technically.  

Right now I am reupholstering a chair that must be from 1968.  It's a messy business that makes your back sore.  Too much floor time.  I've never done this before so I'm a little nervous.  I've sewn enough that I have confidence that I can do it, but there's the little details that I thought I'd figured out and now I'm wondering if it's going to be all screwed up.  

I took a pattern from the upholstery that I pulled off, but now that I've cut some of those pieces out of the new fabric, I am worried about it.  I didn't account for how the old fabric was all stretched out.  It won't lay flat.  So, what if I made it too big?  Then the piping won't be right on the edge.  I guess I could measure it.

Rachel!  Where are you?  Oh yeah, you're in Farfarawayville, Egypt.  Don't you hate it when some of your best friends move?  Far away?
And when your sister moves to Reallyfarawaytown, Egypt?  That REALLY sucks too.
Guess what's funny and kinda ironic?  Rachel and Lacy, my sister, only live about 45 minutes from each other.      

But that doesn't help me with my current reupholstery project.   

And neither does this totally random subject change.  (There is a correlation that you can see at the end, so it's not as random as you might think at first.) 

For Christmas, we bought our Ella a bunch of various art supplies.  She gets art supplies every year for her birthday and Christmas, it seems, but these Christmas gifts for Ella were a little less "Crayola-ish" and a little more "pro-ish".  (Not that they are professional quality things, for the most part, but they are much nicer than the very elementary things she's used in the past...)  She was so darling when she opened them.  The bigger present was an travel art kit that came with a big canvas shoulder bag containing several different mediums of paints, canvases, brushes with a nifty brush-keeper and a travel easel.  When she opened it she squealed with delight, squinting her eyes, and hugged herself, jumped up and down and exclaimed with great conviction, "OH!!!  Now I'm an ARTIST!"  It was one of the most genuine reactions I've seen from her and it completely melted my heart.  It was a good moment among many others that Christmas morning.

So, a few days after that (a week?), Ella wanted to do a painting.  I also had ordered her a painting technique book and so we experimented with some techniques, she and I.  Mac and Rohan joined the party later and we had ourselves a family art day, which I enjoyed immensely.  

In my enjoyment with my children, I couldn't help but think of my darling little sister, Lacy, who moved (to Reallyfarawaytown, Egypt, if you recall?) not so long ago.  Lacy is one of the most creative people I know.  She is an artist.  In our shared childhood, we had a good relationship.  We were friends, for the most part and I sorta looked out for her.  (Did her hair, helped her pick her outfits, walked to school with her trying the whole way to get her to move faster so we wouldn't be late...)  She was most often completely content to be by herself and draw pictures, paint, make some amazing sculpture out of paper, etc.

One year when cottonwood trees were dropping their cotton, Lacy wandered around and picked up little bits of this fluff from around the yard (or wherever it was... can't recall).  She collected enough of these bits that she decided she wanted to make something out of it.  So, in true Lacy fashion, she got some brown fabric and drew herself a little pattern for a bear.  Then she cut the pieces out, got a NEEDLE AND THREAD, and stitched this little bear up by hand, one limb at a time.  She then stuffed the limbs, body and head with her treasured pile of cotton that she worked so tediously for, and she hand-stitched all the limbs on to this little tiny bear that she created.  As if that weren't enough, she proceeded to embroider a nose and eyes onto the face. This bear was probably a total of about 6 inches in length.  It was the cutest thing, and when I was helping Lace pack up her house to move (Reallyfarawaytown?), we stumbled across this little treasure of bygone days.  

That Lacy of my youth woke up as my children and I made watercolor creations and she's been walking with me ever since.

And I miss my Lacy so dearly.  And love her so.



Emily said...

Is your sister really in Egypt or just so far away she may as well be in Egypt?

Travis Cody said...

Great story. I enjoy that kind of nostalgia...when making a new memory brings you back to an old one.

ClancyPants said...

She's just far away and it feels like it could be Egypt... but it's not because she is actually close enough to drive. I'm prone to exaggeration at times...

ClancyPants said...

Thanks, Travis!

Rachel Chick said...

Solution. Become an Egyptian. :)

Your post was very sweet. I love it. Sometimes I start writing and get a little carried away in another story --- and then I start thinking that maybe I'm getting stuck on some crazy tangent that isn't important. - Then I remember that it's those random things floating around inside me that I love to have recorded. Because they are a part of me. That's what your post reminded me of today. I'm glad that you recorded such a sweet memory of your sister.

I miss you, Clanc. Your chair is going to turn out great. I know it. And for the most part, having your pieces too big is going to be just fine. You kind of cut them and pull them and trim them until they fit as you're putting it all back together. It will be beautiful!

Genene said...

I love that story! I miss her too!