Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pics, Cameras and Blogging

Dustin and I got a new camera for Christmas.  It's awesome.  I haven't had a camera except the one on my Droid phone for about two years now.  Guess what that meant?  My quantity of picture taking, which left something to be desired when I used to have a camera, went to almost zero.  I rarely took pictures.  Sad stuff.  Thank goodness my mom was better at it than I and so there is some record of my children and, particularly, my baby growing up.

So, now I have a new camera.  I've taken almost three hundred pictures in just two weeks.  Amazing.  I wish that I could say this blog will now be filled with pics, but I'm not making any promises.  I'm just going to shoot for some words again.  Pics?  A possibility I don't dare dream of yet.  

The end.


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Rachel Chick said...

I so hope you do. 'Cause I miss you. A lot. Write, Clancy, write!!!