Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lots to Say?

I have a blog-friend, Travis and he is a wise fellow, indeed.  

He commented on my post yesterday and said, "I figure one blogs when one has something to say. I hope you have lots to say."

This was a very thought-provoking comment for me.  Am I just wanting to blog for the sake of blogging or do I actually have something to say?

I'm not sure.  

But I have this to say, now.

There have been many things going on in my mind these last few years where I've blogged so little.  As I chew on Travis's comment, I can't say what my true motivation is, but I am ready to be heard again.  The trick is, am I ready to look at myself and form those thoughts into words?  For some reason, that is the true effort here.  That is the push.

Words used to spill from me like a fire-hydrant.  I thought in blog-posts.  I carried around a little notebook to jot things down that I wanted to post about... both funny and thoughtful things, trivial and important.   There were so many things to say that I would forget them if I didn't write them down.  And, as of late, I have forgotten I even have a blog.  I have forgotten I even liked to write.  I have forgotten, in many ways, how to process all these thoughts.  I've been dormant again, and I think I'm feeling a thaw.

So, maybe I'm forcing the issue a little bit.

I remember my mom getting out her square-nosed shovel and busting ice out of our gutter, aiding Mother Nature in her annual transition out of winter and into full-on spring.  My mom is so great like that.  Her own mother called her "Miss Fix-It" because she was always one to take action when she felt like something needed to happen.  

And I think this is me right now.  I am getting out my shovel and chipping away at the ice that has covered this place inside me.  This Me who once had lots to say, and who now only has a desire to have lots to say.  

Here's to Travis.  Thanks for the food for thought.  


lynsey said...

Y to the E to the S.

welcome back, i for one can't wait to read what you have to say!!

Rachel Chick said...

You know, during those times when I've stopped blogging for a period of time, I get that way too. Where it's hard to find any words. It's hard to feel like I have something coherent to say. So usually, I have to force it just a little bit, but then it starts to come on its own and the process opens up again. It just takes a little practice to remember.

I love you, Clancy. I can't wait to read your words. I miss you.

Genene said...

Hurrah for SHOVELS and the work they can facilitate with! It's an exciting time!

I wish I could click [x] Like on the other two comments! :-P Ditto to both!


Genene said...

hmmmmm, the work they facilitate.....

And now that I'm looking, I don't see the comments I made on the last two posts! I have no idea why they're lost in cyberspace somewhere!


Kristin said...

I totally understand what you're going through. I'm also having a hard time putting things into words. It's not a problem in my thinking, it's a problem in the transition from thought to type. I just can't seem to write it down. Maybe I'll get lucky and start to thaw with you. Either way, I'm enjoying having you back!

Travis Cody said...

You are most welcome.