Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday's Fabulous Five and Five on Friday

Oops.  Fell off the wagon again.  So I'll play two games today.  Mine and my friend Travis'.

Five Fabulous things in my life right now...

1- Gotye.  My latest musical fixation.  I adore this artist.  And when I say I adore, I really mean I'm obsessed.  I'm listening to him right now.  I watched a whole live concert of his last night.  Twice.

2- Dustin is off work today.  I love that story.

3- My kids are awesome.
  •  Mac is so FUN right now.  He's moving into a different phase where he's more like a real person instead of a little kid.  I know that the next several years (think teenager) will come with their own set of challenges, but I sure enjoy the person my son is turning into.  
  • Ella is so delightful and creative. This child is ALWAYS creating something.  It's so fun to watch her talents unfold and her skills develop.  She's becoming quite the little pianist and artist.  And she's so passionate about both.  
  • Rohan is still Rohan.  Delightfully entertaining and completely easy to love.  He has a very stubborn streak that is hard to deal with at times, but we all have something.  The other day we had a convo that went like this:
    Rohan: Mom, I want to go to Egypt.
    Me: You do?
    R:  Yeah.  Are there Egyptians in Egypt?
    M:  Yep.
    R: But do they know any tricks?
    M: Ummm... (smothering laughter as I always must around this child...)  I'm not sure?...
    R: But why are they called Egyptians?
    M: Because they're the people of Egypt.
    R:  Oh.  OK.
    And then he walked away, our conversation sating his Egyptian curiosity.  What a kid.  
  • Brynja should probably have a post all to herself because she's grown and changed so much.  She's so fun.  She's so darling.  She's the most amazing mix of completely amiable and total spitfire.  She loves to hug and give kisses.  She loves to say NO.  She loves the word MINE and she says it both very sweetly and with great force.  In March she'll be two.  Two?  Yes.  Two.  I can hardly believe it.                 
4- I love helping friends.  I often get the chance to pay forward much of what I've learned from my amazing mother and aunt and for that I'm so grateful.

5- Words.  Words are the best.  I love the expressive power of words.

And I'm playing a new (for me) game today... Five on Friday.  My blog-friend Travis hosts this every week.  Link up if you want to play!

These are five of Gotye's songs that I can't get enough of.  I said it above, but I'm rather obsessed with this artist and all his music.  The videos are often very bizarre, but that's part of his charm for me.  He's quirky and different.  Different music.  Different presentation.  I love his style of different.  And he's got such great beats.  (He's a drummer among other things)  So, I hope you enjoy a little sampling of Gotye.

This first video is the song that has brought him the most success.

Such a great, driving rhythm in this song:

Love the words on this song. Don't we all feel this way when we get on the phone?

And live? He's amazing.

This one I couldn't find on YouTube.  Hope this code works.

Watch Gotye and other great gigs on Moshcam.

If you liked Gotye's music, I suggest you go poke around on his GotyeMusic YouTube page and look at some of his behind the scenes movies and the process he goes through in creating much of his music.  He and his process of music making fascinates me.

I hope you enjoyed.    Happy Friday!


Kristin said...

Wow! Liking it... thanks for sharing.

Cherie said...

Seems like I've heard of this guy before. Very cool music!

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Gotye's new to me, too, but that's one of my favorite things about 5 on Friday - I've discovered a ton of artists through this meme.

Loved Somebody That I Used to Know and Eyes Wide Open best.

Jamie said...

Welcome to 5 On FRiday. Great choices by a group I've never heard. Really like "Thanks For Your Time".

Travis Cody said...

I'd never heard of this artist. The videos are so conceptual and different. Nice choice for your very first FoF.

And welcome to the game!

Genene said...

Love it all Clank! Love the kids & the Gotye fixation is FUN!


Mags said...

Wow! I love Gotye too! Granted, I've never heard of him before reading this post, but wow...awesome!

I thought of you the other day because my friend and I went shopping for fabric for her to recover a chair. I hope hers comes out as good as yours did!

Tresa Anderson said...

You're the best! I am very happy to know you!!! ; )