Saturday, December 31, 2011

Back Together

You'd think I'd be writing about my Christmas adventures (they involve puking and leading a choir... not the best combo...)  or perhaps some poignant thought about the close of 2011.  But no.

All I really feel like saying is this:

Remember this bit from back in '08?

Well, never mind that.

It's over between James and I.

Hugh and I are officially back together.  We've settled our differences and he is my Movie-Boyfreind once again.



(I know, I know.  You've missed me, right?  Since I always have such important things to say...)


Rachel Chick said...

You're just cool. Love you, Clanc.

Genene said...

Well, I for one, never thought the thing between you & James would last.... and now that huge & you are back together I'm happy to see such an AWESOME picture of him on your blog! hee