Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Random Thoughts on a Monday Night

-My husband was in Louisiana for a week and I was living the single-mom life.  I don't like that.  I like being married and having my husband around.  He's awesome.  High fives for my awesome marriage and my kids' awesome daddy.

-There is something I want to do and I find myself gripped by fear about it.  I remember times in my life where I have pushed through fear and doubt.  I need to find that place in myself for this thing I want to do.

-Mac is at scout camp this week.  My son is at scout camp.  I forget he's gone and think I need to call him up for dinner or pick him up from his friend's house.  It's very weird.  I'm sure it will happen more frequently as the years press on.  He turned 11 on the 15th of this month.  How did that happen?  He wears a men's shoe... size 7 1/2.  What???  He's five feet tall.  WHAT?  He has armpit hair.  WHAT!!!!?   He's a real person and he's going to grow up to be this awesome funny human whom I LIKE and have fun with instead of this twerpy kid who I send to time out and who's mouth I wash with soap because he's a little sass-box.  Life is so weird.  And so awesome.

-Ella got a Toys R Us gift card for her birthday.  We redeemed it today and she had a grand time choosing her own gift.  She chose a wolf stuffed animal (wolves are her favorite animal), and a Magic 8 Ball.  I've chuckled endlessly to myself while I listen to Ella and Rohan ask it questions. 

            Rohan:  Ask it if I will go to outer space.
            Ella asks. 
            Magic 8 Ball: YOU CAN COUNT ON IT
            Rohan:  WOW!  I'm going to OUTER SPACE!!!
            Rohan: Ask it if I'll see aliens.
            Ella asks.
            Magic 8 Ball:  YES
            Rohan: I'M GOING TO SEE REAL ALIENS!!

            A minute later I've left the room and I'm washing dishes.  Rohan runs in screaming with excitement, "MOM!!!!  I'm going to BUILD my OWN rocket ship to get to outer space!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Those are the mommy-moments that make all those harder mommy-moments worth it.

-I made curry tonight for dinner.  I love curry.

-I got a new purse.  It's red leather.  It's HAWT.  I love it.

-Got my A/C fixed in my car a month or two ago and now it's not working again.  LAMESAUCE.  Seriously.  Makes me want to cry.... or kick something.


Kristin said...

I love your random thoughts. Love that they are actually quite random and am sad that it ended with your A/C having issues. Seriously!

Love you!

Polly said...

You could ask the 8 ball if you should fix the AC.

Totally weird how kids become non-kids, huh?!