Thursday, June 16, 2011


Tonight I was running with Maria. 

Tonight the cloud hazed full moon was GIGANTIC(!) and stunning. 

Tonight my dinner-cooking pleased my children immensely and Rohan hugged around both of my legs until it hurt. 

Tonight my baby folded herself into my body the moment the lights went out, just as she does every night... and my heart melted, just as it does every night.

Tonight I am up too late doing nothing productive.

Tonight I washed every dish and completely cleared the table... a big deal, as this doesn't always get accomplished. 

Tonight I want to create beautiful spaces in my home, but because it's almost 1 a.m it must wait until...



Rachel Chick said...

I love you, Beautiful Clancy.

lynsey said...

YES! she's back! love it.

Maria said...

It was a great night for a run...the moon really was something else.