Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Recap

Yesterday was Father's Day, you know.  I've got some great fathers in my life and I'll just tell the world that I love them.  Dustin.  Dad.  Roger.  Gpa Earl.  Gpa C.  I love you. 

I'm blessed with some flippin' sweet dad's, but Dustin and my own daddio are the stars of my own personal Father's Day.  For D, I cooked him an amazing breakfast (can I say that if I cooked it?  guess so, cuz I'm sayin' it).  I tried to keep the kids from fighting, but that's kinda like telling the wind to stop blowing... I wasn't very successful, but maybe the effort was worth something?  Then I cooked his dinner of choice, Yaki Soba.  It was messy and turned my kitchen into a vegetable-scraps-explosion.  I chopped eight zillion veggines and sweated my little, wife-heart out while I cooked the Father's Day meal.  It turned out delish, (do you hear that horn tooting?  yeah, that's mine.) and I was happy to make his tastebuds smile.  My kids whined and called it "Yucky Soba", but when do they not whine about food?  Oh, let me answer that question.  When I make Maria's Homemade Mac and Cheese.  That's about it. 

My sweet father-of-my-children is the best thing in my life.  I have many bests, but he is at the center.  I often marvel at the relationship we share.  It's loss-for-words kind of awesome.  Love you, Dusty.  Thank you for us.  Thank you for the way you make me feel.  Thank you for our beautiful family.  These kids of ours kick our butts at times, but what a wonderful journey we are having.  Thank you for being by my side and growing in our capacities together.   

My own dad was working yesterday, so we're doing his very own Father's Day next Sunday.  Lucky him.  As he said today... "I get my very own holidays all the time now!"  One of the (few) perks of working two weeks on, one week off, out of town.  My dad is pretty much a rockstar for doing this out-of-town work thing.  I'm so proud of him.  I miss him tremendously when he's gone and find myself breathing easier when he's home.  He's always been such a patient father and so validating of his children.  I've always known where I stand with him.  Love unconditional.  That's my dad. 

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Maria said...

Asian Night is coming up at my house... I invite you to bring Yucky Soba... I will make pot stickers.... you make your meat fried rice.... I'll make veggie fried rice... maybe we'll through in some sushi.... and the little-non-complainers can go swimming.... and we can swim too? Any takers at the Passey house?