Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day One of 30

I’m stealing this idea from Esther, who reportedly stole it from some of her friends… whatever… blogging is all a bunch of thievery, I suppose.  At least when it comes to this type of thing. 

This is a 30 day blogging plan.   We’ll see how I do.

Day 1- Five things about you that no one really knows. 

Hmm… is there anything that you don’t know about me?  I seem to tell all.  Let’s see…

1- When I was young, my older sister and I would pretend that we were detectives.  We had models from magazines who were the murder victims.  We had file folders and everything.  I remember one file folder in particular, The North Beach Twins.  We had two pictures of the same model in bright green leather, but we called them twins.  There were many more cases, but all had a common suspected murderer… a foul character by the name of “Rad”.  He had a file all his own.  He was a caricature drawing that my brother did, complete with tats and leather.  He was definitely a shady character. 

Sarah and I would traipse around the neighborhood picking up clues and being very detective-ish.  We wore high-heels and tight skirts as proper girl-detectives should, or so we thought. 

It was my favorite game.  Probably more for the fact that my sister, with whom I didn’t always get along, played with me and we had fun doing so. 

It’s a fond memory.

2- I have never been to Disneyland.

3- My little sister is moving away this weekend and I want to cry every time I think about it.

4- I am allergic to cats.

5- I come up with my best blog posts in the shower.  But the trouble lately is that I come up with them and then I get out of the shower and I get the pleasure of not writing them because I have the most adorable almost-one-year-old to take care of.  And she does NOT share mommy with the computer well.  We’re working on it.

Perhaps this 30 day challenge will kick my butt in gear to blog a little more.  But I’ve said that before. 

No promises. 

Oh, and P.S…  remember that one blog post where I was going to do one of the projects that has been resting heavy on my mind?  Yeah, well, I did the project (or, well, mostly Dustin did) but I never posted about it.  L.A.M.E. 

The project was our lovely built-in desk in our new basement.  You see, we have this tidy little nook we built and we thought how perfect it would be for the desk we had to just slip right in there.  But then we didn’t account for the sewer cleanout that stuck out of the wall, preventing the desk from fitting by about 3/4”.  It was a sad and frustrating day.  (But not quite so sad or frustrating as the day we discovered that our entertainment center would not fit down our stairs to go into our new family room…) 

Anyway, our solution was a built-in desk.  Dustin (with help from his lovely assistant) built it, and we even did a shelf over the top for our printer  AND we did a pull out tray for our mouse and keyboard.  It’s all so wonderful I can hardly stand it! 

Would you like to see pictures? 

TOO bad.  I suck at posting pictures.  But I think you already know that.   :-p


Oh yeah, and here’s the rest of the topics for the 30 day thingy, in case any of you want to thieve.

Day 01 – Five things about me that no one really knows. 
Day 02— A picture of me last year and now and how I have changed since then
Day 03 — A favorite photo
Day 04 — Something I crave
Day 05 — Top 10 pet peeves
Day 06 — Something I bought recently
Day 07 — Something I want to buy
Day 08 — A favorite song
Day 09 — A favorite movie
Day 10 — A favorite food & recipe
Day 11 — A favorite book
Day 12 — A favorite quote
Day 13 — What did I do today??
Day 14 — My dream house...
Day 15 — Next 3 on “Bucket List”
Day 16 — A favorite Youtube video
Day 17 — A habit you wish you didn't have
Day 18 — The meaning behind your blog name
Day 19 — A hobby of mine
Day 20 — My favorite Christmas tradition
Day 21 — A travel story
Day 22 — A photo of my family
Day 23 — Share a previous Christmas memory
Day 24 — 5 things you love about Christmas
Day 25 — A place I love
Day 26 — A child I love
Day 27 — A person I love
Day 28 — A secret you want to get out
Day 29 — Testimony
Day 30 — Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days


Chatty Natty said...

Oh I like this....I may give it try someday. Can't wait to read the rest.

Emily said...

so looking forward to all the days to follow...

Emily said...

This is an awesome idea!