Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Three Cheers for Randomness and Rambling


So, January, huh?  That's just weird.

December held me captive via chocolate, caramel and Santa Clause.  It was an exhausting month.  Not to mention Baby B.  I don't recall my other babies being this much work.  But neither to I recall being 31 when I had my other babies.  Right.  I was in my twenties.  I remember now.  I am now convinced that factor makes an impactful difference.

The return to school, post Christmas break, is a brutal thing.  I'll be honest... I'm  not a fan.  But after a few days, I think we're back in the swing of things.

Did you ever think about that term, "back in the swing of things"?  When I think of that term, it brings to mind some feeling of routine and easiness or something.  But when I think about it a little more literally, I think of a swing at a park that goes up and down, fast and slow.  You have to pump to get going high and fast, and you can cruise a little bit and enjoy the ride, but you slow down and eventually stop.  It's fun.  Or it was when I was young.  Now that I'm 32, I get that barfy feeling, which obliterates some of that fun feeling.  I'm not sure what that means, but it's got to be significant somehow...

It's really too bad how YouTube has started showing advertisements.  Remember the good ole days when it was just weird videos? 

Micheal Buble's mouth moves weird to me.  I think I should just listen to his music and not watch him sing on YouTube where I can't help but wonder if he genetically can't relax his upper lip or if he just does that when he sings. 


Speaking of YouTube, I just watched this video of my little LITTLE Rohan and I may or may not have cried a little bit while I saw that sweet little face and heard that precious little voice.  What happens to these babies?  Where do they go?  Why do they have to get swallowed up by these older, yet no less wonderful, big kids?  How does this happen?  Can't these adorable little tiny faces somehow coexist with the new, more grown-up versions?  Growing up is so tragic and so wonderful.  Such a dichotomy. 

Did you cry?  Probably not, but I bet you smiled.  "This is me.  I am Rohan.  Amen."  Precious.

You know what I miss about blogging?  Expressing myself.  I find myself all comtemplative and introspective lately, with no outlet.  I'm not really talking to anyone in depth, except my husband, but daily life does not always lend itself to deep introspective talks.  I have to make those happen.  And Dustin, being a man, places deep talking and diving into emotional wells down about #100 on his to-do list.  And that's just fine.  He is willing to take a plunge now and then, but he doesn't have a need to do so, like I do, being a woman.  I got to do that as often I wanted to when I was blogging a lot and I miss that.  Miss it, I tell you.
For Christmas, I got a new computer.  And a very expensive piece of software that I can build custom websites with.  I'm doing one right now for my brother-in-law.  Next I will do my own (which was why I actually bought the program) for my pretzels and such.  It's all very exciting. 

Speaking of exciting... our other big Christmas present was a finished basement.  Carpet came on December 27th.  It's been about 4 years in the making, our basement.  But it's really, actually finished now.  I can't tell you the satisfaction this has brought to Dustin and I.  And I can't tell you how grateful I am for my dad and his endless knowledge about all things construction.  He's good, I tell you.  Very good. 


And, because you have asked (on Facebook) and will ask on here, here are some pictures, before and after.

Just kidding.  I wrote this post on January 6th and it's only just being published because I've been trying to get up the gumption to post those blasted pictures. Why are pics so hard for me? I have no idea.  Maybe some day I'll show before and afters... but not today.



lynsey said...

well, i for one have missed your ramblings and randomness. :)

on a similar note of michael buble's mouth, i can't watch john mayer actually SING for that exact reason. he sometimes looks like he's licking/making love to the microphone which makes me want to puke. not to mention his sometimes mullet. i think this is the first time i've written the words "making love" on anyone's comments before. congrats! and i'm sorry!

and boy oh boy, the need for an expressive outlet, do i relate to that. and i love when you write because i relate so much to it. so if you get the time, let it out, sister! with or without before & after photos. it doesn't matter to me. :)

this random & rambling comment brought to you by: your friend lynsey, who i think you may or may not be actually MEETING in PERSON someday SOON! and then i imagine things will get very contemplative. and FUN!

Kristin said...

HURRAH!!! Definitely! I miss the blogging world too. I don't journal quite the same. I miss my blogging friends (who no longer blog - which means, not only writing, but reading &/or commenting - much). I guess it was just a phase. I have fond memories of it though! Thanks for joining again, if only temporarily! ;)

Maria Hart said...

This made my day. I miss how RoRo used to call me "Amia," and how he called my own little man, "Kewah." I miss our daily chats, sometimes silly and often deep. I miss you today.

Rachel Chick said...

I was actually thinking of posting a comment on your last post - just today - to pester you about posting again. :) I love you and I miss you blog. Please plug in to your outlet more often. :)


Emily said...

I lOVE your rambles. Missed them. And am SOOOOO happy for you to have your basement done. 4 years. That is like an Elephant Pregnancy....I want to come dance on your carpet, speed fold your laundry and celebrate. Some time soon lady. Love you...Em

Mags said...

LOVE your LITTLE Rohan!! I love the way he says squirrel and how he just figures out what to say when he can't remember what he was "supposed' to say. How precious. I didn't cry, but my cheeks hurt from smiling.

This is me. I am Mags. Amen.


Ginny said...

ahh...to express oneself contemplatively again. i was just thinking (and writing a mental blog post that will never make the blog because i feel constrained to get caught up on semi-emotionless recollections of things that occurred months ago before addressing the relevant and pressing issues on my mind) today about my desire to delve deeply to an abstract audience. and in an attempt to fill some level of that need (instead of folding laundry), i came to find clancy ramblings that i can relate to. thank you, dear friend. thank you!