Friday, January 21, 2011

Reader Tribulation

So, there's some blogs I read.   I used to think they were awesome.  Or something.   For whatever reason, awesome or not, I subscribed to them in Google Reader.  I've since decided they are un-awesome.  Or, at the very least, irrelevant and gumming up the grease in the quest for simplifying my life.  (QUEST, I tell you!)  So, like a good Simplification-Questerian, I went to my little "manage subscriptions" button in Reader and I unsubscribed to several previously-important blogs. 

I'll have you know, taking that step relaxed my mentally faculties. I refreshed my little Reader page and discovered less to read.  Less is more, don't you know?

A week or so went by and I experienced blissful simplicity via Google Reader. 


Google Reader began thinking for itself.  We might be dealing with some sort of A.I. here, folks. 

Right there, in my Reader feed, were those blogs that had fallen through the cracks of pertinence.  Those blogs I had eliminated from my brain-clutter had returned.  Why?  I don't know. 

So, I repeated the process.  Unsubscribe.  No thanks, lovely blogs. 

Again, I went on my merry, on-the-path-to-the-simple-life way. 

A week-ish passed again... log in to Reader...




I have now gone through this process three times.  And tonight, once again, the blogs are back. 


Just let me be, blogs.  Get thee hence.   Please!? 

I am mystified.


Polly said...

Hey, my blog isn't on your sidebar. Hopefully you didn't delete me! LOL

I was just thinking that maybe if in your blogger, you are still "following" or have in your "add" list, then google reader is taking from there?

I added hyperbole to mine though. :)

Our Little Online Corner said...

I was thinking the same thing literally this morning. I feel this need to "get" through all of the blogs I have subscribed to but some of them are less than interesting at this point. So you have inspired me to clean out my reader too! Hope we can figure out how to keep them off...

Kristin said...

Okay Clancy, are you "following" those blogs? If you are following them they will keep showing up in your reader. Unsubscribing isn't enough, you need to stop following them. I don't remember how, but you're computer savvy enough. I hope that's all it is! Good luck!

Travis Cody said...

That's pretty weird. But like Kristin said, you should unsubscribe and unfollow them so that both Google reader and Blogger let them go. I had to do that for a couple of blogs that I didn't want to follow anymore.

I'm hope my place is still one you find relaxing and worth visiting!

Clancypants said...

Thanks for all the advice, everyone. I think I probably am still following the blogs I'm trying to stop getting feed from. I'll try that. And mostly the blogs I'm deleting are blogs about little girls' hairdo's and coupons and giveaways... one that is little kids' clothes or something. You're all still on the list!! :)

Ginny said...

phew...i was afraid i had been axed but that google somehow knew of my stubborn need to have you read my emotionless ramblings. :-)

triplej said...

You are an inspiration!