Tuesday, August 3, 2010

School Shopping



Tuesday afternoon

One sassy ten-year old

One dramatic eight-year old

One "floppy" five-year old

One fussy four-month old

Three school supply lists

One sleep-deprived mother

This is a recipe for disaster, people.  When did school supply shopping become such a huge undertaking?  I think I remember buying pencils, a lunch box and a backpack when I was a kid.  And one new outfit. 

These lists are going to cost me some serious cash... I'm guessing we'll break a hundred just for the pencils, highlighters, notebooks, crayons, markers, paint, tissues, glue, glue sticks, scissors, hand sanitizer, blah blah blah... the list goes ON and ON! 

We got some of it, but I couldn't finish.  I needed to regroup and come back later all recharged.  I'll see if I can hit it again tomorrow.  Phew.


Elena said...

You're ahead of me. I haven't even started yet. Not only does it cost a million dollars, fighting the crowds about puts me over the edge.

Polly said...

Yep, we're always over $100 for school supplies. It's gotten really insane! And while I do think Target is the place to go, apparently some teachers think Walmart is the ideal school shopping place. Sooo....there are always a couple items that I HAVE to go to Walmart to get. One might think that would mean one stop shopping at Walmart, right. Heck no! I do all the Target stuff with the kids and hit Walmart at like 1am for the last couple things.
Good luck. I will be in your position soon.

Emily said...

I think you should do more fb updates on your blog! I always think the same...It is just getting to the computer that is the prob. Love you blog. Keep on keepin on!

Travis Cody said...

What I'm not sure I understand is why the immediate cash outlay for so much stuff? Surely all of that won't be used on the first day.

But then, it's been some time since I've been around a classroom. So what do I know?

Genene said...

Ahh Clancy, your memories reflect the memories of a child! Since you WERE a child at the time that's pretty reasonable eh? There was usually much more than just pencils, backpack and lunch box but that's the beauty of being young. Life is so much simpler then. There may have been only ONE new outfit, true, because I figured clothes could come anytime throughout the year, much like Travis' reasoning. I wouldn't be surprised if there was more on the list these days though. Seems like lots of things are more complex than they used to be. Maybe I'm just getting old so my perspectives are old! ;-)

Bonnie Young said...

I agree with you completely. We attempted this same dramatic obstical this week, and just for supplies alone 98.00. What the crap! Now it's on to school close, thank heavens my girls are simple like me and don't have to have top name or designer things, cause we'd be screwed.