Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday's Fabulous Five

Remember how I made up this game to play on Fridays?  I barely do. 

1- I'm blogging more.  Probably no one cares, but I think that's pretty fabulous.  It's an interesting thing because I can really see a difference in the ease of writing when I'm writing more.  This "break" I've taken has left my brain feeling like mud.  Blech.  But, I'm slowing cleaning it out and my thoughts are starting to flow more like they used to, which is fabulous.

2- Dustin has been out of town this whole week and I miss him.  He'll be home in about 2 hours. 

3- I will have a toilet/sink/shower in our new bathroom in the basement NEXT WEEK!  I can hardly wait.

4- My baby Brynja is growing so fast.  This is both fabulous and tragic all rolled into one.  I live the dichotomy of wanting her to grow up, see her personality emerge even more and gain some independence vs. holding and snuggling my last baby.  But it's mostly fabulous.

5- Late-afternoon thunderstorms. 


Ginny said...

i am a fan of all of these...but most particularly the first and the last. love them both!

Jenna Johnson said...

I love that I love your blog!! Will you write mine for me???

Travis Cody said...

I care. I enjoy reading where your thoughts go, even when they might be "muddy".