Sunday, August 1, 2010


I don't like chicken.  I love chickens... but I don't like chicken.

My mom has chickens and I think they are the funniest, cutest little things ever.  I love to watch them peck and scratch and cluck.  I love to eat their eggs.  I love when the hens sit themselves down on their little eggs and grow babies.  I love when they hatch and little baby chickens run around my mom's property.


I don't like to eat chicken.  I used to, but ever since I was pregnant with Ella... 8+ years ago... I stopped eating it.  It's kinda weird, I know.  I really do.



Some people don't like tomatoes.  Some people don't like nuts.  Some people don't like olives.  Do they get gasps and slack-jawed stares?  Maybe.  But not likely. 

What's the big deal with chicken?  Why is it not okay with so many people that I don't like chicken?  I don't really get it.

And it's equally hard to understand the incredulous shock people exhibit when I tell them I don't like warm cookies from the oven.  I just don't.  Sorry.  The world will continue rotating on it's axis if I like my cookies cooled completely, not even warm a little bit in the center..  Just so you know.

Next time you're in a restaurant, I want you to think of me.  I want you to read over that menu and see just how many dishes include chicken.  There's usually only one salad that is lacking this foul fowl.  I think us non-chicken lovers need more options.  This is discrimination.

I'm totally calling my lawyer.  Totally.


Mags said...

My mother also doesn't care for chicken. She'll eat it if she has to, but she doesn't care for it...and she'll never prepare it. It happened when she was pregnant with me.

I feel your pain about the gasp and horror...I'm not a huge chocolate fan, and people often look at me like I killed their puppy when I tell them.

Polly said...

Probably it's because chicken can be prepared so many ways with so many different flavors that they kind of don't get it. I wonder if it's a combo of the smell and the texture for you though.

I totally don't eat lots of things that many people don't even think that it's an option to NOT like it, so I will try not to hate you too much if you don't eat my yummy chicken dishes...oh wait, I'd have to be near you more to offer you chicken.

Do you eat Turkey at Thanksgiving? I used to not. But I have a yummy herb recipe that I like now.

Also, I only eat cooled cookies. They are better that way. But mostly I just eat cookie dough and not warm or cooled cookies. They are WAY better THAT way.

Travis Cody said...

You are an alien, aren't you?

Just kidding!

I think the next time you go to a restaurant you should order a chicken dish and tell them to hold the chicken.

Rachel Chick said...

You're great! Sorry that I didn't make it over to your house the other day! I swear, I can't follow through on anything lately. Ugg. Sorry, sorry. I'd really like to get together this week!