Saturday, June 26, 2010


I guess that would be sound I heard today as Dustin and I fixed the broken belt on the car.  Really, there was no sound to the fixing, I just wanted to synchronize my post from earlier.  There were a few sounds, I guess.  But I won't mention Dustin's cursing.  It just wasn't that nice.

So, Dustin and I didn't take the van to the shop... we fixed it ourselves.  That's right, I said we.  I totally helped!  (It's Shake and Bake... and I hailped!... random commercial line that just popped in my head.  Does anyone else remember that stupid commercial?)

Dustin fixing cars himself is nothing new.  He's a fairly good mechanic-man.  A very good trait, that.  But me fixing it with him?  New.  I was so brave.  I put my hand way down inside the enginey area and put the belt in the right place in several spots.  I hate engines.  I have fears about sticking my hand down there.  I remember my ball or toy going under the car when I was a kid... I'd try to coax someone else into going under to get it for me, or I'd get a broom or something to shove it out with.  I did whatever heroics I could to get that toy out without having to go under the car myself.  I was S-C-A-R-E-D.  So, yeah, I overcame some fears today and put my hand right down in those enginey parts.  TOUGH Clancy.  Dustin was way tougher than me though.  He laid down on the yucky road in front of the auto-parts store, got all grimy and gross and stuck his hand in enginey places whilst feeling claustrophobic.  (maybe he didn't feel clausto, but I did for him.)  So, he wins.  But he's not scared of that, so maybe I win, right?

Whatever.  And, as it turns out, it wasn't the alternator belt.  Well, it was a belt that goes on the alternator, but Dustin said it's called the "serpentine belt".  Did you know cars have serpentine belts?  I didn't, but it sounds so cool, right?

"I'm going to wear my 'serpentine belt' today."



Rachel Chick said...

I so love you, Clancy. I love when you blog. It fills my soul. I miss you and I think our babies are old enough to be best friends now, so we need to get together. We should meet up at the park by your house. OR you could go camping with us tomorrow up at Palisades. I was going to text you tonight and ask you if you guys wanted to come, but then in all my packing frenzy, I forgot. That's the way I do things, you know. So. If you would like to come play cards with us and try to get our babies to sleep in tents, you should come. :) Call me tomorrow if you're interested!

Clancypants said...

Rachel... I am so glad you that you love when I blog. I couldn't help but wonder what my blogging fills your soul with?? I'm guessing cheese.


Camping, while sounding awesome, would be hard without my husband. He is off camping by himself as we speak. Well, as I speak. Through my fingers.

Thanks for the invite though! Hope you have a blast!

lynsey said...

okay the "shake & bake" commercial i totally remember! i used to quote it all of the time when i was younger & i personally feel i had that little girl's accent down to a T.

on another note, if there was one trait that i wish my husband possessed it would be auto mechanic knowledge. the man can name any car just by looking at its headlights in the dark, or a side door but so help me has no idea how to fix one. that is a seriously awesome husband you've got there! (not that mine isn't, i mean there is no one else who can diagnose a crazy teen like my fella.)

and kudos to you miss than for jumping in there to feel around in your car's nether regions. not quite sure i could be so brave.

glad it's fixed!

Kristin said...

You funny girl! I love that you overcame some fears!

Emily said...

Good job, Clancy - being all handy and such. I'll bet it's a liberated feeling. Now Dustin is going to expect you to do stuff like that all the time. j/k