Friday, June 25, 2010


That was what I heard turning my car in a fast food drive-through chute yesterday.  I thought I hit a little metal pole with my car, but I checked my mirrors and, no, I didn't.  Hmm... I shrugged it off, ordered my not-so-delicious-but-I-don't-care-because-cooking-dinner-is-apparently-beyond-the-scope-of-my-abilities-today food, and then heard a "ding"!  I looked down and saw a dash-light I didn't even know existed... the battery light.  Does your car have a battery light?  Mine does, but I didn't know that prior to yesterday.  'Why is the battery light dinging at me?" I thought.  "I don't know" replied my thoughts.

I started to pull forward to pay at the "second window" and realized that I had no power steering.  No power steering in drive-through tight corners is a bad thing.  I guess it could be a good thing if you're looking for a new arm and shoulder workout, but that's beside the point. 

The point is, I snapped my alternator belt.  It makes very little sense to me why my alternator belt would affect my power steering.  Dustin explained it to me, but I forget the mechanics of it. 

And, of course, that would have to be the day that I forget my cell phone.  Darn that dependency on technology!  Thank goodness for a nice gentleman who let me borrow his.  And thank goodness for my mom who came and rescued me because Dustin won't answer the phone if he doesn't know the phone number calling.  Even if it calls five times in a row, back to back, apparently.  (could have to do with the fact that he had a screaming baby in his arms... the cell phone was not the only thing I left at home.)

So, today I get to play the "car in the shop" game.

Good times.  


Kristin said...

I love how you write. You make such a great story out of a less-fun experience. I especially love, "not-so-delicious-but-I-don't-care-because-cooking-dinner-is-apparently-beyond-the-scope-of-my-abilities-today food" and "the cell phone was not the only thing I left at home". Sorry to hear about the belt! At least it's fixable!

Polly said...

lol...a lovely humorous way to tell a very sad trouble SUCKS!!! It seems so weird that we can be SO dependent on these stupid things and take them for granted.

I love that he didn't answer the phone. It sucks...but I love it anyway. :D