Wednesday, June 2, 2010


My thoughts are bouncy right now.  I'm sitting at the computer at 12:27am and I'm reading various items while I listen to the washer and the dryer do their thing.  I can't type fast enough. I'm having thoughts again.  Thoughts that I want to share.  Thoughts that I want to scribble out with my swirly handwriting.  But I'll type instead.

Does anyone even read this anymore?  I feel like I've forgotten how to blog.

When I die I want to be buried in a pine box.  Like, a homemade one.  I don't want thousands of dollars spent on my coffin.  Just a simple pine box.  Or cremation.  That's ok with me.

I dislike cooking bacon.  Do you know why?  Because I can't stand my house to smell like bacon.  And I can't stand my hair to smell like bacon.  And let's not forget my clothes.  I don't like my clothes to smell like bacon.  Bacon tastes good.  But the smell clings like the dickens.   

I have a smell thing.  I can't stand my hands to smell like food, unless it's cilantro.  I love cilantro.

Today I put on my blue shirt.  I love the color of this shirt.  
 When I put it on, I smelled the most wonderful smell!  I was in heaven.  I kept sniffing myself (well, my shirt, really) all day and wondered why I smelled so darned good. 

Later I figured out that I wore this shirt last Friday.  I had gone to the mall and tried a tester of perfume at The Gap.  Guess what?  I want that perfume.  Bad.

I am not good at mailing things.  Just so you know.

Sometimes I want to die when people come to my house.  I get so self conscious about every imperfection.  If ever anyone goes into my basement, I always ask them before they go down if they will still be my friend if they see how messy and crazy my basement is.  Silly?  Yes.  And there's some sarcasm in the question... but mostly it's a valid fear. 

My aim is to have a yard sale on Saturday.  I'm excited and anxious about it.

I don't like planning birthday parties for my kids.  The hardest part for me is getting out the invitations.  I'm really not very good at this facet of parenthood.  But that's ok with me.  I'm good at the ones that are more important, I think.

I love doing laundry.  Don't let me fool you if ever I'm complaining about it.  It's very possible that it's my favorite household chore. 

I'm trying some generic diapers tonight.  Keep your fingers crossed for me and Miss B.

Speaking of Miss B, baby Brynja is precious.  She laughed last Thursday and Friday nights.  I told Mac about it when she did it the first time and he went on and on about how he just couldn't believe it.  How she's growing up so fast.  His face showed every emotion and he said, "That just makes me want to cry!" and I could see the tears just under the surface.  What a sweet, tender boy.  How many almost-ten-year-olds would be so thrilled and emotional about their baby sister laughing for the first time?

I love my life and my bouncy late-night thoughts.


Mags said...

I read, I read!! And I anxiously await your posts when they don't pop up in my reader. :)

The Mac story makes my heart smile...your children are nothing less than amazing...and that is directly because of YOU.

Emily said...

I READ...I need a button that says, "I indulge in Clancy's Blog" LOVE you! And I so hear ya on b-days. I just decided not to do it this year. Just family - no invites! Hee hee...Have a lovely day. Talk to you soon.

Elena said...

Precious baby girl. I still read too! And I'm with you, bacon is the WORST after smell. Well, that and left over popcorn. Hate it, but love the food. And I wish that if we just did laundry, that would count for all the house hold chores.

Connie said...

I still read your blog, and I love it. Glad you had some "bouncy" thoughts to share last night. Oh, and I have the same thing about bacon smell in my hair.

Rachel Chick said...

Oh, I love your blog. I miss you when you don't write. I'm glad that you had some bouncy thoughts to share! :) I want to be buried in a pine box too. why not? Seriously. I love you!

Polly said...

Haha...I'll have to go to the Gap and see what that scent is...I wondered if you ever figured it out!

I hate bacon smell too. I rarely cook it because for some reason, I think some people's houses must have enough smells going on that it goes away soon enough. Not mine. It clings on me and my house for days and days. Microwaving it is a bit better, but still...idk how to make the smell go away faster.

You know what my prob is about parties...I always think I need to plan out every detail before I get out invites...and then, guess what...invites never get out. Only when I overcome my ... whatever crazy brain... and make the invitation get out do I actually have people over...either grownups or's the same. If your kids want a scooby party, you can take it all off my blog, plus I'll email you the posters for the games. lol

I love that Mac understood the sweetness of that moment. That that tenderness in his heart isn't lost to the repetition of days is priceless.

Chatty Natty said...

Are we ever going to hang-out?

Clancypants said...

I'm game Natty! Let's go to a park. I was going to say on a wind-free day but then I guess we'd never hang out! ;-) Email me if you get this. Or facebook me.

Corinne said...

Happy to hear all is well.

I have a secret for bacon. Just bake it. Line a cookie sheet with tin foil, oven to 400 degrees and cook until you are satisfied with the crispiness of your bacon. The best part, hardly any smell at all so you have the best of both worlds.

Travis Cody said...

Baby giggles are the best. Now that little Miss B is starting to laugh, I can only imagine how much fun your kids are going to have making her giggle.

The Goodrich's said...

I broil my bacon; keeps the smell out and it tastes just as good! Plus, the bacon stays flat which makes for great BLTs.

Emily said...

Yuck, bacon. I don't like the taste, sight or smell!

I'm really self-conscious about people coming into my house, too. I try to always make sure it looks nice, but you never know what people are actually thinking. :)

What generic diapers did you buy? I had a BAD experience with Parent's Choice, but the kind at WinCo aren't that bad, believe it or not.

That's adorable about Mac. My nephew, who is 8, loves seeing Isabelle and is so interested in her and always wants to play with her. It's great!

Ginny said...

i love your bouncy thoughts...even if i read them a little after-the-fact. and i loved the picture!