Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Apparently I'm not writing the important things, so I'll blather.

Apparently I'm not doing the daily tasks, so I Facebook.

Apparently I'm not keeping straight, so I visit my chiropractor.

Apparently I'm not keeping my dishes washed, so I shrug.

Apparently I was trying to be poetic but I keep falling on my face again and again and the backspace button is my new best friend and apparently I decided to forget about being poetic and, rather, write one big run-on sentence about nothing in particular while I notice the clock and think to myself that it's time to go pick up Ella and why am I still sitting here and then I answer myself and say that it's because I actually FEEL like writing something and that hasn't happened in so long I almost forgot how to do it and so I reply again that it's ok and Ella is fine to wait for two minutes with her friends outside the school under the supervision of teachers while I spew a bit of useless information in a run-on sentence but realize that it may be useless to the casual reader, but vital to my own mental health because apparently useless information is dripping from my brain like a leaky faucet and it must come out. 

Apparently I'm not finished with my blog, so I smile.


Emily said...

Fun post. I like useless information. Hence, my thought blog. It's so fun to just write and write and write. :)

Mags said...

...and so do we. :)

Rachel Chick said...

Apparently you've got to start somewhere. Just write your leaky uselessness. Eventually, it will turn into something. I like reading it. :)

Travis said...

I read the big run-on sentence silently and still ran out of breath.

Emily said...

I love my Clancy - in all forms, poetic and run on....but especially when we play "Tangent Queen...."

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you would inundate me with that run-on sentence.
Thank you, though, for not saying, "apparently, I LOL"
I really liked your run-on sentence, actually. Also, I smile, too, that you are not finished with your blog. I would most certainly miss you.

Ginny said...

welcome's nice to know you're still in there. not that i really doubted. it's just been a while! :-)

triplej said...

I loved it...that is usually what I blog about....with my run-on sentences and unfinished thoughts and just stuff flowing out of my brain in short strokes of my keyboard. I sometimes think I just like the quiet click of the keys. Because I really do blog about nothing! That is what keeping a journal is all about right?