Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Guess what?

Yesterday's contest at my friend Mag's blog?  Remember that?  I TOTALLY WON!!  I'm so excited!  So, in the next few days I'll be receiving a spectacular lemon friendship cake in the mail.  :)

Maybe it will arrive just after I have the baby and it will be like Mags dropping off a little gift for me to say Happy New Baby!  I'd like to think of it like that anyway, because Mags is my friend of several years that I've never met.  :)

Thanks, Mags, for the contest!  My day has been made.  Not to mention the tulips that I saw peeking their little red/brown heads out of the cold ground this morning!!  Along with the lovely sunshine and the almost complete lack of snow in my front yard!  Bless you, Spring!  And Bless you, Mags!

Oh, Happy Happy Day of March the 10th!


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awesome!! you didn't tell me you won a contest today!! lol! hooray for winners!