Monday, January 11, 2010

And How About....

.... some more happenings?  Because I'm sure you've just been DYING to know what it is that I've been doing with myself.  Well, you see, a few days after Christmas I had a Dr. appointment for the little child growing in my body.  (midwife appt, but you get the idea)  At this lovely appointment, I had the joyous pleasure of taking my "glucose tolerance test" which (for anyone who has not had the JOY and pleasure of this) is a test where you drink this stuff that's basically like the syrup that they hook to a pop machine BEFORE it mixes with the bubbly carbonated water.  Can you say NASTY?  Ick.

Guess what?  I failed it.  Turns out the highest your blood should go from drinking the nastiness is about 40.  Well, my little blood sugars were up at 55.  I was not happy.  Especially because I got to go back and do the in depth test.

"In depth" means that you have to come to your appointment fasting (which means as early as possible in the a.m., of which I am not so much a fan), get your finger lanced to check your blood, AND then you get to drink the sugary nastiness AGAIN but this time on your fastingly-empty stomach.  BARF.  Literally.  I almost did.  In fact, just writing this is making the muscles at the back of my jaw clench up and my saliva run.  I decided to chug the last little bit of it because I thought it would be better faster.  It did get it over with, but it did almost come back up.  But, I managed to keep it down.  (GO ME!)

SO then, after you almost barf, you get to sit there and wait for an hour for your blood to do whatever it is your blood does with sugary nastiness.  Then a different finger gets bloodied and they test that.  Then you get to sit there for ANOTHER hour and they bloody yet another finger.

So, yeah.  It's pretty much a party.  There was three good things that came of it.

1)  Turns out, I do not have gestational diabetes.  Hip-hip HOORAY!
2)  An "in depth" glucose tolerance test makes for good reading time for any new, large books you might have gotten for Christmas!  (which I just finished last night and I think I'm grumpy today because it's over and the author opened a big old can of worms in this book and left it completely open with all those little worms writhing in the can and then had the nerve to END the book!  AND it's probably going to be something like three years before she'll come out with the next book!!  Grrowl.)
3) Since my Midwife's office is in the same city as my husband works, I got to go break my barfy fast by having lunch with my sweet Dustin!  That never happens because he works about 30 miles from home.  By the way, Great Harvest's Turkey Pesto sandwich is really good.  You should try it.

So, there's another snippet of happenings in Clancy's life.

I'm down to 8 1/2 weeks left of pregnancy.  THAT is trippy.  I'm on the Dr. appointment fast track... we're now going every two weeks to see the Dr. (midwife) and that only lasts for a month and then it's every week until the baby is born!  Where does the time go?  I'm not really ready for a baby, I'm pretty sure.  But that's another post for another day.

Over and out.


Emily Clark said...

Oh, man, the glucose test. Always a pleasure. I didn't mind the taste of it. I drank it in the waiting room of my doctor's office. After 20 minutes or so, I started to feel dizzy and tired, but I didn't want to sleep because there were tons of people around me. It was pretty funny. Luckily, I passed! :)

Emily said...

You also could stop by "Auntie Em's Cafe." I hear she whips up some AWESOME scrambled eggs...Can we have a baby party? Maybe fold some laundry really fast? Call me crazy...and then call me! Love you, Em

Elena said...

Ughhhh....those glucose tests are awful. I have to have them with every pregnancy....the "in depth ones". They've gotten better though. Before, they had to take a vial of blood from the arm every hour, the finger prick is MUCH nicer. But still....yuck...I feel your pain. Not fun. So glad you passed.

Maria Hart said...

Please keep posting. I am missing you and your blog helps me feel like I'm still hanging around! Glad to hear the new book is so good. I am looking forward to recreational reading this summer, reading just for fun! I hope the last few weeks of your pregnancy fly by!

triplej said...

I was taking a lunch break while reading this post and I am happy to announce that I didn't feel like finishing lunch...hence helping me maintain my diet portions. I am going to read the glucose post daily!

Anonymous said...

what? you don't like to eat sugary syrup? makes me think of Elf when he puts syrup on everything... I think I'm going to try spaghetti with syrup for dinner tomorrow night. yeah, really good idea there... lol

hahahahahahaha, I just typed that and I bet you were appalled