Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Check It Out

I got published again!  Some of you have already read this, but check it out if you wish... it was supposed to have a blurb about the poem that went something like this:

There are times in life where I've felt like I'm floundering... bobbing along with no direction and accomplishing very little. It was during one of those times, a January in my life, that I realized, as I walked past my flower garden wherein lay the frozen roots of perennial flowers and shrubs, that something happens to those roots in those cold, dark times that cycle through every year. I don't understand the physics or biological processes that occur, but the results, when the weather warms, is the beautiful conclusion of that process that I don't fully understand. From that life-metaphor came this poem which helped me have the faith to get through my own dark, cold cycle in life.

Somehow that got left out, but that's ok... you get the idea, I think, through the poem.


Maria Hart said...

Huge congratulations! Keep collecting the poems, and writing them, so you can publish them in hard copy soon!

Emilee said...

Oh this should happen all the more in your life....You Rock the writen word lady...Em

Janelle said...

Hey Clancy, I'll be sure to include the blurb. I'll get on that right now!

Thanks for the poem, it was fantastic.


Ginny said...

glad the blurb got added...love the poem. love it!