Monday, November 9, 2009


I've been having a wardrobe problem, as, I'm sure, anyone who has ever been pregnant can relate to. It's been getting better as I continue to grow abdominally. I can now hold up a few pairs of maternity pants without them falling off. But I have whined a little bit to my friend Rebby about this problem. It would appear that I only want to wear pajamas because they are comfy.

The other night, after a bit of whining about my clothes and my dreams of being in my pajamas, Rebby sent me home with a very comfy pair of yoga-ish pants and a shirt that matches. Today, I was still wearing my PJs when someone came to the door. This was not the hour one should still be in PJs so I quickly ran and threw on the borrowed comfy clothes from Rebby. I visited with my visitor for a while and then went to get Ella from school.

Ella climbed in the car and, as she sat down, I heard her little nose sniffing. She sat there testing the air for a few seconds as I was backing out of my parking spot. After a those few sniffs she asked me, "Did Grace and Olivia come over today?"

"No," I replied. "Why do you ask?"

"Because it smells like their house in our car," she replied.

I laughed out loud and told her to smell my clothes. Grace and Olivia are Rebby's two younger daughters.

"Why do you smell like Rebby's house, Mom?" she asked. "Did you go over there today?"

"No, these are Rebby's clothes," I replied. "She let me borrow them."

Rebby's clothes, by the way, smell like fresh laundry... this is a good smell.

Her little sniffer was satiated and she let the conversation drop. Maybe I could hire her out as a hound dog part-time?


Rachel Chick said...

KIds are the most amazing little hound dogs! Mine never cease to amaze me with their sense of smell. -- Somehow it only applies to things that bring them satisfaction - like food --- or friends. There are somethings that I'm floored do not bother them. I love your little Ella - she's such a fun girl.

Elsie has been asking me about you. I need to get a hold of you and stop by!

Ginny said...

smell is such an amazing sense. glad you have some comfy clothes. i hate that in-between stage of pregnancy!

Polly said...

We had a friend who had a strong smell on all their clothes too. It was something to do with the laundry, but I never figured it out just right. She used the same stuff I did.
Anyway, I like how Ella could place it. That's funny.