Thursday, October 29, 2009


It's hit our household.

We've all been sick.

It started on Saturday with Ella. She had a fever. Not too high, but a fever that made her somewhat lethargic. She had nothing, aside from that fever, Saturday, Sunday and all day Monday. Then, Monday night she threw up. Tuesday she was mostly better.

Monday night, Dustin and Mac started feeling crummy and slightly feverish. Tuesday Dustin felt awful and Mac, to compliment his fever, threw up. Just before he threw up, Dustin and I heard Mac yell out, "HERE IT COMES!!" (He despises throwing up.) Dustin and I laughed at his announcement.

Rohan was showing no signs, except some chest congestion, which has been my story since about Friday.

Wednesday, Mac continued with his fever. Dustin stayed home again, still feverish. Rohan started showing fever signs, while I simply continued to have a lot of chest congestion. Ella returned to school.

Today, Dustin is feeling better and back at work. Mac and Rohan are feverishly languishing in the living room, and I STILL have chest congestion but only that. (for which I am grateful)

For as much as I dislike sickness in my house, this has been a relatively fun one. Dustin was home with ALL of us on Tuesday, albeit sick, but he was home. Ella went to school Wednesday, so with the exception of her we were all home together yesterday too. That is a treat for me, even if we are sick.

We all have been laying around like slugs the whole week. I've only been dressed for a couple of hours at a time when I was forced to go out and buy things like Saltine crackers, Sprite and children's Ibuprofen. It's been an adventure in hibernation and healing, watching non-stop movies and reading books.

I hate being sick, but I love my little family's togetherness.

P.S. I keep having people ask me if it's Swine Flu (insert bloodcurdling scream and scary music) and I'll just say for the record... I don't know and I don't care. I think Swine Flu (insert bloodcurdling scream and scary music) is purely propaganda. I think it's a scare tactic. For heaven sake's people... it's just the flu!

I just heard on the radio the other day that our Nobel-Peace-Prize-winning president has declared a National Emergency because the Swine Flu (insert bloodcurdling scream and scary music) deaths have now totaled 1000.

1000? Are you kidding? I've been researching a little and everything I've read states that the flu kills about 36,000 people per year. EVERY YEAR! And now our president has declared a National Emergency because 1000 people have died?

Healthcare propaganda, is what I think it is. A bunch of B.S. with a creepy name...


Genene said...

Well, I sure feel your pain in the sickness department! Been there all week myself!! Blechhh!

I'm still sick enough that it hurt my chest & throat like crazy to laugh out loud at Mac's announcement!! HERE IT COMES!! Oh my stars, that's hilarious! Sounds like a movie line or something!

BTW... I agree about the whole SWINE FLU scare propaganda, media influenced pandemic! Holy crap! If folks would just take the time to do a bit of research, which is SOOO easy online, they would know that there are often really serious side effects to the vaccine and even the tamiflu stuff can be bad, particularly for children & adults with any other infirmities. There's volumes to read to convince folks NOT to get sucked in to the scare tactics. I refuse to give in & live from fear!! Period!

Anyway, thanks for the laugh about Mac man! Sorry he's been sick and all the rest of you too.


Genene said...

oh yeah, I forgot, whilst on my little soap box, to say.....

People usually heal up just fine from the flu without a flu shot. For me, it's not worth the other risks involved.

The End

Rachel Chick said...

Gah. I totally agree with your swine flu summary. What a load. Anyway, sorry that you've all been sick. I feel your pain. We've had much of the same over the past few weeks, but we FINALLY seem to be healing up nicely. :) All I've really had is the chest congestion as well, but it's taken more than two weeks for me to not be practically peeing my pants every time I had to cough -- which has been constantly. :) :)
When we're all back up to par, we need to get together again. It's been forever since I've seen you!

Rosie said...
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Chatty Natty said...

The comment before was me...under a different ID...but I was just saying how I was laughing out loud and guess what? We have funny how it's treated like the plague.

Polly said...

Sorry you've all been sick. Allie and Aimee seem to have been a little ill a couple weeks ago, and they may have had swine flue, but Aidan probably had it this last week...he had a super high fever from Saturday-Tuesday...lethargic and whiney...lots of naps. (and he is so confused still by stuffy noses, headaches, stuffy's comical in a very sad and pitiful way) Fever medicine worked, but the problem is that Aidan HATES medicine. Since he was a baby...he's always gagged and vomited. We're hoping he'll learn to swallow a pill

I agree...swine flu hype is crazy. People are being really stupid about it all. I'm lucky enough to have some friends who feel the same that when our other friends panic and rush to the doctor at the first sign of sneezing (and complain that they can't get in until the next day because the doctors are out sick)... we can all take deep breaths together. (I have a whole rant about why some people shouldn't be paying for other people to go to the doctor for dumb reasons...but...)

I will say, that of all the things the newest nobel winner has done, declaring a state of emergency is the least of my concerns. I think it was really more of a formality to allow hospitals to move swine flu treatment off-site; so that all the people who are over-reacting can go to the "hospital" without actually being in the infect an asthmatic who is there for a breathing treatment, a newborn with an ear infection, a child who broke his leg falling from whatever ...anyone who doesn't need one more illness piled on to what they are legitimately at the hospital for. So...the state of emergency thing...psh. whatev.


I'm very sorry that you have to be sick to enjoy your husband home. LOL And very glad that everyone is on the mend...I know that you always love Halloween, so hopefully you can all enjoy now...I want pics!

Polly said...

Holy cow...sorrry that became a huge novel...apparently I need to blog...


Maria Hart said...

Just FYI, the state of emergency was encouraged by the Center for Disease Control, an agency with a direct line into the "health pulse" of the nation. The declaration was not issued to encourage panic and fear, but to allow for funds to be released and to ease restrictions on hospitals and clinics that are treating affected people. Of particular concern are those that use Medicaid or Medicare to fund their health care. The declaration is simply a way to get more help to more people, in a way that doesn't overtax healthcare workers. That said, I think the media has over-hyped the issue... people react with the "appropriate" fear, drug companies make a lot of money and we all still get immunity... whether from vaccinations or the body's natural ability to build immunity. I lean towards the natural method myself... even as one of the 'at risk' and 'high priority' populations.

lynsey said...

well i hope your family gets better soon...reading about mac was cracking me up! maybe i'll yell that the next time i'm about to barf so it will help me feel a little better about the situation!

and i know people have freaked out about the swine flu, i thought the way you wrote about it was hilarious. i personally have been concerned about it because several of my friends' kids have had it and their children have high fevers for around 5 days. since i have caleb who has seizures related to high fevers, it has caused me to worry. he's kind of the exception so i make sure to get him a regular flu shot every year too.

but i get what you're saying, that people are freaking out and it's a bit out of control. those friends who have had it have survived, and so have their kids.

my dad is one to get totally sucked into the mass-hysteria of it all and when this all started last spring, he called me freaking out that they were coming to visit AZ during the big break-out. he told me to buy a bunch of medical masks and that he'd pay me back and buy them off of me. but guess what? i'm sitting here with 200 masks, and $200 short.

i was almost (not really) hoping that the swine flu would live up to the hype so that i could get rid of these things!

want some???

corinne said...

Hope you are feeling better...feeling sick is the worst!

The Wolfs said...

I am so sorry you have all been sick it is so not so fun! Thank heavens your not sick around the holidays!

Dimick's said...

Oh you go girl (snap snap snap)
I absolutely agree that it's a scare tactic and a bunch of crap.
Amen, Amen & Amen

So do you think you guys might have suffered from the bird flu???

Ginny said...

love it. the rant, not that you've been sick. but just about everything else about this post hit the spot. love the togetherness, love the humor in sickness, love the perfect assessment of the newest craze in panic! love that you are on the mend. love you!

triplej said...

Feeling better today?