Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm Having a Problem with Titles

So, I have some things to say, but I am suddenly at a loss how to title my posts. In the past, my titles would come out before I even started the post. They were self-titled-posts. They knew their names.

Now I stare at the title box like I used to stare at my empty blog post box. I can't name them all "__________Fill in the Blank", now can I?

Maybe my blogging is healing. First I forgot what to say in the big white box. Now I just can't think of what to say in the little white box. Progress is good.

But that's not really why I came here to this computer chair today.

I have some things to say.

Since my last post I've been feeling much better. I think I did just need a good cleansing cry, as many of you suggested. The catalyst was vague. I can't even remember it now, if I ever could. But now, it's just gone. I felt better the next day. And the next, and so on.

Just thought I'd share that since I keep leaving my blog on such a sour note.

Second thing on the random list.

Columbus Day. What the heck? I was thinking, yesterday, as Ella brought her ultra-cute Columbusy art project home, 'Why the heck do we celebrate this day? Why do banks and post-offices close for this day?'

I don't know. But I do know that I had all these thoughts and then read my friend Larrie's post and almost fell out of my chair laughing. Maybe the funnyness was so great because of my mood and my previous thoughts. And maybe your position in your computer chair won't be compromised like mine nearly was as I read her post, but I think you should read it all the same... because Larrie is awesome.


Rachel Chick said...

You are awesome, Tlancy! :) You make me happy - and so does every time Elsie says your name. :) Also, I think that the picture of you here on your blog, the one that I can see to the right here - yep, that one - it GORGEOUS. I think it every single time I visit your blog. I wish my eyes were turquoise blue, too. :) LOL!

Polly said...

I can think of worse holidays than Columbus Day. To avoid the risk of turning your blog comment box into a political debate, I'll keep those to myself. :)

It's good that the big white box came to you rather than the little white box...because a title without a post is a little bit of angst all cooped up in one little white box.

Ginny said...

funny. you and larrie. i also like the progression from large white boxes being empty to small white ones being empty. i'd take title-less posts any day!

love you. so glad things are moving in the right direction.

Kristin said...

Seriously! I don't get it.

Genene said...

Yeah!!! What evay!! I went to register the Marshiemobile on "Columbus Day" and even the DMV was closed.... I drove around the parking lot twice trying to figure out why there was only 2 cars there. Then, KNOWING it must be closed, I STILL got out of the car, walked to the door & tried the handle! Sure enough! It was locked. No sign on the door or anything.... just assuming I would know it was an important holiday like "Columbus Day"! There was another truck that pulled in & watched me try the door & as I found it locked, we BOTH (the passenger in the truck) shrugged our shoulders like.... Whaaaaa?! Then I drove on up to another door for the probation dept. & THEY had a sign on the door. Mystery solved! and I drove away wondering why DO they have Coumbus Day off & why DO we celebrate it?

Larrie's post was awesome btw!

Travis said...

You know, I think your title is perfect. Sometimes all you have to do is say "This post has no title." And that can be good enough.