Monday, October 19, 2009

Dinner Is Not Cooked

It's 5:34 pm right now. Dustin is working late tonight... late-ish. I haven't cooked dinner and I'm blogging instead!

The truth of the matter is that I'm in pain right now and I can't easily stand up from this chair I sat in a few minutes ago. I have been having issues with the ligaments in my abdomen... I've read that it's the ones that hold up my uterus. Anyway, whatever they are, they have a tendency to get irritated and it feels like a severe side-ache... you know when you're running and you get a side-ache? It feels like that. And when it is bad, like it is at this moment, I have to sit still 'til it goes away because moving doubles me over.

Soo... that's my really good excuse for not having dinner cooked or even started at 5:34pm.

We went for a lovely visit over the weekend to Logan, UT... our former place of residence. We visited with our friends Jennie and Jared and Justin and Amy. We had a Halloween party of sorts, but mostly just visited and played.

Then the next day we went and visited with my lifelong friend, Beth and her family. Our kids got along swimmingly and were very sad to leave their friends that they see far too little of. They are still talking about "Eric" and how cute and funny he is. It was a good day and we were all sad to leave. Hopefully it won't be so long before we see all the friends we saw this weekend again.

I've been in sewing mode. Halloween is my favorite time of year to sew. I love to make my children costumes and watch them light up as they come to fruition.

Rohan is going to be a "mommy" this year. (Mummy, but he always says it like mommy, which confuses all the people who ask him what he's going to be for Halloween!) I am having so much fun making up his costume. It's rather tedious the way I'm doing it, but it's turning out great! I'm excited and so is he!

Mac will be a Grim Reaper and Ella, a little devil. They are all loving it and can't wait for the real deal.

I love Halloween and have so many fond memories of my mom helping us get all dressed up. She loved it too and always went "all out".

So, it's now 5:50 and my ligaments or whatever hurts is not hurting so much now, so I think I'll go make dinner!


lynsey said...

ugh! those ligament aches?? TORTURE with all caps. the worst part was, when i went into labor, i have never felt so much pain as i did in that same area. it didn't happen with caleb, but it did with leah and that pain severely outweighed the actual contractions. i thought my stomach was splitting open right then and there. good heavens, just the reminder of that pain means it will take a small miracle to have another baby.

sorry to share that experience, um. i really hope yours get better! :)

and i am completely impressed that you sew your kids' costumes. mine consist of hot glue and staple guns. ah well, at least you leave me something to aspire to!

Ginny said...

if you get the itch to sew more costumes, let me know. i have five kids who are still as of yet costumeless and a mother who has little-to-no creativity, sewing ability or time. :-)

sorry about the ligament pains. hate those.

Maria Hart said...

Someone should invent "ligament suspenders" for all of us "old women" who are enduring pregnancy #4... with previously stretched body parts, not the nice tight muscles that came with #1! I have been enjoying periodic sciatica, that is a new one for me. I am also at 6.5 months and the heartburn is coming along nicely. I may have to finally break down and buy the Tums.

Denning Domain said...

Clancy pants, i love you! i am so sorry you aren't feeling good, dang those uterus ligaments! You sit back and relax and let that rugged hub of yours make you some grub! thats what i did to Dave when i was preg. Anyway, i miss ya and hope all is superb in Passey land. Love ya dude!