Monday, September 14, 2009

That Kind


One of those times when you can't make sense of it.

One of those spots on your heart that's all worn and threadbare.

One of those songs that feels all the feelings for you so you don't have to.

One of those prayers where you scream at God.

One of those afternoons when your shoulder aches because you're carrying the mad world across it like a purse full of all the garbage you've forgotten why you even put in there in the first place.

One of those moments where you explode all over the place and wonder at the people who've told you they can't imagine you losing it.

One of those trips you take down the guilty road of Lost Self Control.

One of those looks that blows right through the threadbare spot like tissue paper.

One of those carefully composed posts that stitches up your heart a little bit.

One of those days....


lynsey said...

good gracious, m'lady. i hope everything is okay. or, that it will be soon. and that (again) even though we've never really met, you have a friend in phoenix who is thinking about you.

Rachel Chick said...

Aw, Clanc. I love ya. I've been thinking about you the last few days --- I think I just should have stopped by! :)

Emilee said...

You are an amazing poet. Come up to Rexburg and sit on my couch. I miss you.

Travis said...

They happen. Forgive yourself and move on.

Maria Hart said...

Keep stitching... we all have those kinds of days. However, few of us can ruminate as poetically afterward. Give me a call if you want to talk, I would love to chat.

Kristin said...

:( Love you!