Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Five

It's been a while since I've done a FFF post. Life is so fabulous, I better do ten.

1- My dad is pink-skinned and breathing on a daily basis. I pray I never take that for granted again.

2- My mom is a total rock. I've known it all along, but she kept things so calm the night that my dad was in peril. I've since realized how freaked out she really was that night, but she kept it together so well for her children. She's amazing. She wrote a note to many friends and family explaining what happened to my dad. Here's the tail end of that note and I want to preserve it in my someday-blog-book:

We are both extremely grateful for the gift of his health & "new lease on life". There's nothing quite like an extreme wake up call to sharpen the senses & bring perspective to things.

To those of you who knew about this already; thank you for your love, support, kind words & prayers. To all; including those who are just finding out in this message, it's been a wild ride, one that I don't wish on anyone. My children have noticed that they want to be sure to speak the words of love that they may not utter often enough. I feel the same way. It's so easy in our workaday lives to lose the focus of the importance of speaking words of love, support & caring. To add a touch, a pat on the back, a caress or a hug and to look someone in the eye & commune soul to soul and convey all the feeling in our heart, soul & mind that is the love we feel. It needs to happen every day. Whether big or small, everyday. (If we focus on the love & sharing it it's easier to avoid the other stuff too) That's what's been going on in my mind a lot the last 1 1/2 days.

Love to you all AND go hug your loved ones & tell them how you feel. Right Now!!

Like I said... my mom is a rock.

3- We haven't gotten much school done at home because we still don't have Mac's books, computer, etc, but having my two little sons home with me has been more of a joy than I would've ever imagined. Mac has been nicer, more helpful, more cooperative and just generally more light and easy than he has in... well, years. This alone is making this endeavor worthwhile. I hope it continues until he's in, at least, his twenties. ;-)

4- My brother, who lives in Salt Lake, came up the day following my dad's heart attack. (He and his wife Nicky) Nicky stayed until Wednesday and then went back to Salt Lake. Zandy stayed to be my dad's muscles for a few days. You see... my dad's heart is fantastic. He looks and feels great, but he can't lift anything over five pounds for about a week while his femoral artery incision heals from his surgery. My dad does construction for a living. Bless my brother for lifting 200 lb doors and swinging sledge hammers for a few days so my dad can still earn a living and keep his commitments to the job he's on. I love my family.

5- I love a freshly vaccumed floor.

6- You know the miracle of the loaves and the fishes? I've had a miracle of the caramel.

7- Marci's Napolean Dynamite dance on her blog. Awesome. (sorry, ya'll... she's got herself a private blog so I have to enjoy that one alone... or with a few people whom I know who read her blog.)

8- I don't feel sick from being pregnant anymore. Not that I ever felt super sick, but even feeling a little sick sucks, don't you think? But now it's all gone.

9- For these few days, I get to watch my brother enjoy my children. Rohan especially. Rohan has a way of worming himself into people's hearts. Zandy is loving it and I am loving it too.

10- Dustin.

Happy Friday!


triplej said...

AWESOME...can't wait to see you guys in Oct. I am so excited I am giddy!

Travis said...

How did I miss the news about your dad???? I'm sorry to hear it, but so glad everything seems to be ok.

Maria Hart said...

Glad your Dad is healing well, and that you are enjoying pregnancy a little more. Come down and we'll go maternity shopping together!

Shanana said...

I'm so glad to hear your dad is doing so well and that you all have the support that you need. That'll keep ya thankful for many days to come!

P.S. Have I ever mentioned that chocolate dipped pretzels were my favorite food on the planet? Seriously... Manna From Heaven, I tell ya! Good luck with all the dipping!

Kristin said...

This is such a fabulous post! My eyes filled with tears as I read your mom's words. Then before I finished reading your post I shot off an e-mail to my husband at work. I love all of it! Keep smiling... you're beautiful!

Genene said...

I love the FFT! Great post. Thank you for the acknowledgment, I think I needed that. ♥ My rockness has been a little wobbly this week so thank you for your kind words, they help!
I too, am grateful for many things right now. Zandy & his service to our family, Dustin for his service to our family, the love & support of so many friends & loved ones who have called, sent texts, written, Facebooked, etc. I'm grateful for your Dad & his pink skin too! More than I can say. Grateful for my children & their love & devotion to their father! All of the events of the past week have opened up new vistas to explore in my heart! I just feel grateful! I AM grateful!