Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday, for another hour and18 minutes. I am now 31 years old.

This morning, my sweet husband cuddled with my while I was very sleepy and wished me a Happy Birthday. Then he went and got in the shower and I continued to sleep. Off to work he went. Don't I have a great husband? He goes to work every day for our family. He doesn't love what he does, but he loves us and because of him, I stay home everyday with my children. I'm so blessed.

I woke up to Ella chattering next to me. I was still so sleepy. I would fall asleep while answering her chatters and she loved me anyway. What a sweet girl.

Later I woke up for real due to more Ella-chatter. It was a good way to wake up. Then the phone rang. It was my friend and her cute kids singing me a halting Happy Birthday. They even stopped mid-song to say that they were "so off!" It was adorable. I felt so loved.

My phone rang and rang. I think I got 5 or 6 birthday wishes before 9am! It was a good morning. Except when my kids found out I was going to play laser-tag without them for my birthday date. They were mad about that and I told them they had to be nice to me because it is my birthday. Eventually they concurred.

My mom called and she and my dad sang me a lovely birthday song, complete with harmony. Then she offered to take me to lunch. I chose a charming local restaurant with awesome fish tacos and incredible house salads. My taste buds were so lucky this day!

Then I wandered some local shops with my mom, smelling lots of lotions and soaps. My olfactory sense was overloaded and assaulted and a little angry at me. But I'm still so blessed, olfactory glands and all!

I went and picked up my children from my friend, Devon. She is an earth-angel and I love her. Dearly.

My chore today was the living room and dining room and I failed to do them this morning. Shame on me. But I redeemed myself and did them when I got home. Then I made frosting for the cupcakes that were previously prepared on my behalf. I frosted the cupcakes and headed out to play for my birthday party.

I planned my party all by myself. I rented a local laser-tag place for a whole hour! Did you know that that's a really long time to play laser-tag? It makes one's quads really tired. REALLY tired. And it makes one sweat. A LOT. Many family members and a few friends joined in our fun and I came home completely pleased with myself for planning my own party. I said over and over to Dustin, "That was really fun, huh?" After the third or fourth time he laughed out loud and said, "Yes honey. It was very fun." His tone was a little bit patronizing, but I didn't mind. I planned exactly what I wanted and I was completely thrilled with the result.

I like me. I'm so blessed. Happy Birthday, Me!

This picture was taken in 2007 in a Cadillac Escalade. That was a fun car, indeed, to drive! Aren't we all so blessed to get to drive cars and get everywhere so quickly? Life is grand, is it not?

Love, C


Kaci said...

Happy late Birthday Clanc! :)

Chatty Natty said...

Happy Late Bday as well. And let me guess...Snake Bite was your lunch...if not do tell about this local place. You're fantastic don't look a minute over 21 so enjoy it baby!

Elena said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU!! I LOVE that you planned your own party. I seriously need to do that next time my own big day arrives. And you look so stinkin' cute in that picture!!

Jill said...

Happy Birthday Clancy...... I love reading your blog. Sorry I never have left a comment before. You know life is busy. I can't believe how fast your kids have grown up. I love that u always seen so happy and upbeat and love the Cadillac picture. Have a marvelous day!!!!

Katie said...

Happy birthday! Laser tag sounds like so much fun. I think the most fun thing about getting older is acting younger. Squealing on the slide at Heise, acting like a spy at laser tag. Doing weird yoga poses and laughing your guts out while your kids just act like that's the way you are all the time.

Rachel Chick said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Clancy DEAR! I'm so sorry that we didn't make it last night! - We were SO looking forward to it, but we found out (last minute) that Hazel had Back to School night at the same time. I just couldn't miss out on my first little Kindergartener meeting her teacher! :) - I'm so glad that you had a happy day - I was thinking of you all through my cleaning! I'd love to get together sometime soon. -- Are you guys busy this weekend? Would you like to do a double date? ------ Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLANCY! I think that you are one of the raddest gals I've ever met and I love you so much!!

Genene said...

That was a fun day for me as well. I had SO MUCH FUN!!! playing laser tag. I kept offering to step out if anyone else needed to fit in the allotted spots to play but it was always my secret desire that I would still be "in". I haven't had that much fun in ages!! I'm so happy I was there for your big bash! I don't think I'm gonna wait til next year to do it again though! As I've said before, I'm so grateful you were born to me & graced my life with your sunshine self!

Kristin said...

You're beautiful! In every way. I'm so glad your birthday and party were fabulous. You deserve it. (And it's fun to read you again).

Happy Birthday!

Ginny said...

love the post. love the tone (of sheer joy and sincere gratitude).

happy birthday, sunshine!!

Travis said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday to you!

Sounds like you had a good one!

Ashley said...

Happy birthday!!! Sounds like it was a fabulous day, just like you deserve! :)

The Beckstroms said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Laser tag sounds like so much fun! I didn't know there were places to still do that. What a great idea! Glad you had such a lovely day because you are such a lovely person.

Maria Hart said...

I already called... but here it is in print: Happy Birthday to a remarkable woman. And the car looks good on you, are you seriously in the market?! I am envious!

Clancy Pants said...

No, Maria, not in the market. I test drove one for fun and had my pic taken in it back in '07. I just liked the picture of me so I put it up for my "Happy Birthday to me" post!

Thanks though! It would be the car I would buy when money is no object in my life. :)

corinne said...

happy late birthday Clancy! It sounds like you had a fantastic day!

Emily Clark said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad you had a great day. I'm so bummed I'm going to miss your RS lesson tomorrow. I'll be in primary. I'm sure you'll do awesome!

Callin and Tricia said...

I am so glad that you had a happy birthday! Sounds like a perfect day. We need to plan a day to Bear Lake cuz we miss you guys.

Emilee said...

I need to be around you. I miss you making me feel like YOU. We are so blessed. I am bummed that I live far away and my hubby had to work late and I probably wouldn't come anyway because it is hard to leave my kids all the time and and and ...okay, back to being blessed. I am blessed to have an awesome friend who makes me a better person. Next time I see you, I have a note for you, and now it is just a big inside joke with just me on the inside but it makes me think of you and keeps me knowing that I am going to see you soon! Love you old lady! Em

triplej said...

So wish we could have made it to the birthday party. I thought it was some online virtual thing so YES I was there waiting for you! Haha...I know, you don't have to say it. My mind is completely fried.
You look absolutely amazing in the Escalade!
Love you girl.

Polly said...

If you get me an Escalade for my birthday, I'll get one for you for

Happy really belated birthday! I'm so happy that you got to rock the laser tag! If it makes you feel any better, Aidan's birthday was yesterday, but we just didn't tell him. He doesn't know the difference! His "happy bootay to me" is tomorrow as far as he is concerned.