Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Five

1- Ella asked today, "Where is that rug we have that has roads on it?" I told her. This is one of those rugs that has a whole little town on it complete with a church, hospital, school, police station, etc. It's been put up for about a year since we started remodeling their rooms last August. Frankly I had quite forgotten about it. Ella got it out and, after doing chores, all three kids got all the cars we have, divvied them up and have been playing for a good long while now. I love hearing and observing them using their little imaginations and playing. It is my very very favorite part of being a mother and I wish I still thought playing like that myself was fun.

2- Dustin and I officially scrubbed the last wall yesterday in our duplex. There's still some things to do, but they don't involve cleaning anymore. Well, not really. We had a bit of water damage last winter in a closet from some ice dams on the roof so my dad (bless him a thousand times for his skills) is going to come patch the ceiling and then I have to paint some Kilz on the mold that grew here and there. Then, I will have to repaint the whole closet, which of course is a walk-in closet that is a putrid gray color. But... I don't have to clean anything else. No more gum, no more stuck-on food, no more grease, no more pee in bathrooms! It took seven days of cleaning, but we are done. YAY!

3- I had a really weird dream last night. I had to climb on this mountain to get into this cave and I had to hang on to these staple-ish things that were put into the mountain. The problem was I had to hang upside down and backwards and all sorts of awful contourtions and the staples kept sliding out. I was terrified. I was so glad to wake up in my bed. Beds are so nice to be in when you thought you were on a giant mountain with a 100+ foot drop below you and the staples you were holding keep falling out.

4- Frosted Mini Wheats. Yum.

5- I am looking forward to wearing clothes that are NOT my paint/work clothes. I've worn the same pair of pants since last Wednesday... my cleaning pants. They are not cute and I don't like them. But I don't care if they get dirty so that's why I keep wearing them. But, I'll be glad to wear something else.


Kristin said...

LOVE #1... I get it and I'm really just getting there! Yay for #2! #3 just made me laugh... my dream last night involved being on a dance team (I was in high school, but this was current day) and missing performances and feeling SO disappointed b/c I love to dance.

Thanks for sharing!

Maria Hart said...

You have some of the most hilarious, visceral dream of anyone I know! You and Bill Cosby must have something in common - remember the dreams he wold have after eating a big hoagie sandwich?!

I'm more of a Kix fan myself. But I hear you with the clothes! I wore new jeans today, they are very cute. I felt cute. It was nice!

Keller wore his Spiderman costume all day today, and wanted to play with Rohan in his black Spidey-man suit.

Travis said...

I like those play know what I mean? They put little villages or train tracks on them. I wish those had been around when I was a kid.

Dangit! We've already been to the grocery but now you've got me craving Mini Wheats!

Sonnet said...

I can totally relate on the rental woes. I just spent 4 days cleaning and painting out house in Cedar City. I am also thankful for a dad with fix-it skills who will be fixing the things I couldn't. Yay for dads! and Yay for us for working so dang hard! (I also wore the same work/paint clothes for 3 days straight; no fun!)

Polly said...

Your dream sounds like you were lead climbing and in charge of placing some cams in some really rough places...

which by my dream interpretation expertise (which is none) means that you feel...

Hedging a new course...for yourself and others to follow...making the path easier, despite the difficulty.

There's my awesome life insight for today.