Thursday, June 18, 2009

You Speaka My Language?.

(I've started and erased this post about ten times now. It's not going so hot. I'll try to get through it...)

Guitars are wonderful instruments. So mobile. So versatile. So peaceful (sometimes). Especially if they're in tune. I got to mess around with a friend on the guitar recently (mostly as the singer) and it was fun... even if the guitar was out of tune. I don't know if this person or their loved ones read this blog, but if you do, know that it is no slight to the guitar player when I say that about the out-of-tuneness of said guitar. Guitars pull out of tune when you raise them a whole step. The strings don't like it. They're tighter and they want to go back to were they are comfortable, a whole step lower. Playing them outside in the cold air doesn't help keep the strings tuned up pretty either. I know that and that's ok. Are we good? Good.

(The urge to erase this post is strong right now. I'm not going to.
That might be a mistake, but I shall carry on, nonetheless.)

As I sat there jamming with the guitarist, we were both supremely frustrated. Neither of us knew the same songs as the other, save a precious few. We didn't speak the same language. He knew this and this and this song and thought surely I would too. "Nope," I'd say. "I know the tune, but not the words." Then I'd ask if he knew this or this or this song... "Nope," he'd say.

Dang it!

When I'm with my family, we all know the same songs. And if we don't, it's not too long before we learn it. We mostly like the same sort of music. It made me miss my brother, who's guitar skills and repertoire are deep. It made me miss my mother, my sisters, both my brothers, and my dad, who sing all the time and can break into harmony, complete with SATB, if we're all there. We speak the same language, you know? And there's magic in the language of a family.

Parlez vous...?

(Mediocre post, at best, but I've been thinking about this little subject for a while now and I had to get it out, if crappily. My apologies.)


Katie said...

Hey, I just found your blog and I love it. You always have something interesting to say and have a way of describing the way we all feel. I totally felt the same way after reading the Twilight husband thought I was having a breakdown.

Polly said...

Yep, families definitely speak their own of understanding and love. And that's a good thing!

Kristin said...

Great post... I'm glad you didn't delete it. Not everything you write has to be publish-worthy! ;) I loved what you wrote and totally get it. You're not saying anything bad about the person, just recognizing the frustration that comes when you don't speak the same language.

Ginny said...

families are the BEST! when my sister and i get together it is hilarious and very entertaining (for us, if not for the others that may be around). your post made me miss her and breaking out into movie quotes with her (not exactly SATB harmony, but the same idea...just a different language! ;-))

love it! (and your commentary sides as well)(i would have made that parenthetical and this one a smaller font size if i had any html skills that may or may not be supported in the comment forum anyway)

The Beckstroms said...

What an amazing post Clanc!! Families are amazing and whatever the language is, there is something so special within a family. You just say it all so well!

The Wolfs said...

Clancy I am loving your background must I just say! It is so AMAZING beautiful! Love it Love it! So you! I love reading your blog oh one day i will be like you !

Emily and Dustin said...

My family and I quote movies like no other. It's been interesting with Dustin in the family now because he usually doesn't know the movie quote or understand why we find it so funny. :)

Travis said...

There was nothing mediocre to this post. I got it.

I think all we have when we don't speak the same language is tolerance and respect for each other, coupled with a desire to learn to understand each other.

We can teach each other our own songs, because friendships are the family we choose.

brits said...

Great post and I think it's cute how you put an extension of your heart out there and make sure you aren't going to hurt anyone else with what you right. You're just adorable and I have so missed you. xoxo

Genene said...

Love the post, speaka your lanquage, miss your brother, and really enjoyed & appreciate all your blog friends' posts. Wonderful!