Thursday, June 11, 2009

Why Not?!

I figure, I'm on a roll this week. Why should the fact that I don't really have anything to say stop me from blogging today?! I can always ramble on. I always have thoughts.

So, summer. What's up with summer and the whole rain everyday thing? This is not normal for Idaho. It's been POURING rain! I have a cousin who lives in Texas who recommended I enjoy it while it's rainy and cool because soon it will be HOT. In fact, here's her direct quote:

"As one who has sunshine for months now...I'm ordering you to enjoy your rain! You'll be sweltering soon enough. Breathe it, frolic in it, jump and dance in it! The sun will be there to stay very soon!"

Yes. That's true. I see her point. But... I did have a rebuttal in our exchange:

"Hard to frolic and dance in rain when it's 50 degrees and raining, but I'll do my best! It was a pajama day today... except for about four hours, I was in my PJ's and reading all day."

And that brings me to my next point. Pajamas. When did they become so great!? I've never been one of those people who dreams of their pajamas. Until now. Suddenly, clothes make me crazy and I yearn for that soft cotton, those elastic waists and my loose shirts (and no bra! shhh!). I wear flip-flops all day, even when I'm in my pajamas. I don't know what's happening to me!

Now, I'm not sure what to say next. I suppose I could be done. That could be the end of my post, and I would be happy, but I'm not done. I have more rambling to do.

I started writing something last night. It felt good. Even though I didn't get very far, I did something.

Chore charts are going fairly well still. Go me. Go kids! We are going to go to Lagoon toward the end of the summer if they keep it up. And I think we'll urge them until then with a few camping trips in between to keep them going. I really want to go camping. I haven't done it nearly enough with my kiddos, and it's so good for them! And me.

I don't like taking showers lately. Well, no, that's not quite right... showers are lovely and warm and luxuriant. I'm not happy about having to fix my hair after I take a shower. I really miss my super short hair. *sigh*

My dryer is so awesome! I do laundry much more regularly again. It's amazing the difference that quiet dryer can make!

Ok. I think I'm rambled out.

Signing off.


Holly said...

I totally agree with you about showers. They're great while they last, but it's doing the hair afterwards that I hate. If I want my hair straight (which I greatly prefer), it takes me 30 minutes of non-stop drying followed by more maintenance. That's why it's not always straight.

Maria Hart said...

I would love to hear a few more ramblings, while we are both sitting in pajamas with unshowered hair and the kids are playing downstairs to the gentle hum of your new/old dryer. Sounds like a divine morning!

Rachel Chick said...

OOooo! Pretty page, Clanc!! I love it!
So I totally agree with the hair problem. I don't shower because I don't want to do my hair and makeup again. It's sad. Sad for Nels.
Also, I SO sorry about getting cut off the other day! I don't know what was going on with my phone. It was funky all day. Sorry about that. I really want to hear about your trail-running. :) Plus, we still need to get together! I've done nothing this week . . . you're more than welcome to come on over and do nothing with me! :)

Emily and Dustin said...

The rain is starting to get to me too! I will welcome the heat with open arms at this point. Then again, I'm sure I'll be praying for the rain once it's 100 degree weather considering the fact that my house doens't have AC. It does, however, have a great, cool (as in temperature) basement.

As for PJs. I'm a HUGE PJ fan. I wear them all the time (including right now). There is nothing better than lounging around in comfy clothes. I loathe the times I have to get dressed up (and these days, getting dressed up means wearing jeans).

As for showers. I'm TOTALLY with you. I don't mind showering, but it takes all my energy and strength to take the extra time to do my make-up and blow dry my hair. Ugh. During my pregnancy, I would just shower and called it good, but I had to set a goal for myself to do my make-up because I started to feel a bit lazy.

I'm all about dryers, too. My clothes have to piping hot when they come out of the dryer otherwise I'm mad. Sadly, to be more green, I've tried to lay off the dryer for certain clothes (jeans, sweatshirts, etc.) so it's kind of sad when I put them on and they are stiff. Oh well. I'll thank myself when I get the utility bill.

Great ramblings. I could relate to this post rather well, hence the WAY LONG comment. :)

Travis said...

Cut it short again!

Clancy Pants said...

Yeah, Travis... I might. But I've gone to all this trouble, I think I'll wait for it to be long for a while before I do. I will make an extra effort to stop complaining and pining away for my old short hairdo.

Ginny said...

oh how I love your ramblings and love that you wrote a little something (or part of something)!

Genene said...

PJ's, baggy clothes, no bra, fixing hair (or not)........ hmmmmmmmmmm, I can't believe ANYONE could be that way! ;-)

Polly said...

50 degree rain just makes it more invigorating!!!! LOL

I'm sad that I still didn't make chore charts. :( We do so much better with them. However, when I planned to do it, everyone had to do other stuff...well, maybe we'll do it today...
idk...i'm still in my pj's
(except I'm a huge fan of bras...whether I'm big or small, I like them, so for day time, it's bras and pj's, night time without; hmmm... TMI...) :D