Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ode to Dinner

O Dinner! Why doth thou torment me so?
Thou art full of guile and unused pasta,
Mocking mine consciousness, so barren of ideas.

The loathing in mine heart knoweth no end, for thee, O Dinner.
Thy sneering countenance doth make my blood boil.
I perceive thy callous taunting,
Thy ridicule, in regard to mine own poor planning.

But I shall prevail!
Bested by thee, O Dinner?
It shall not be so!

'Tis not the chopping, the cutting,
The basting, nor the broiling that plagues the five o'clock hour...
O, to be a planner!

I shall groweth in mine capacities.
I shall strive and stretch and amplify mine talents.
And then, O Dinner, Bane of Mine Existence,
It shall be YOU who laments!!!


Travis said...


Now that's creative!

triplej said...

My thoughts exactly! So came the dinner of breakfast tonight!

Elena said...

LOL! Oh Clancy....so funny as ever.

Erik, Chelsi, Preston, & Wyatt said...

It is so true. That's what gets me too. Preston ate a corn dog for dinner while Erik and I had cold cereal. How's that for lazy?

Angela said...

LOL! I was just commenting on facebook how I hate planning dinner!

Kaci said...

LOL! Funny bunny.

Polly said...

Yep, I often say if someone just tells me what to cook, I'll do it (as long as it's not gross); I've just never said it so poetically!

Ginny said...

ahhhh...i love the way you make poetic and light the bit that plagues most of us!!! well said!!!

Genene said...

Hmmm, I think I resemble those remarks. ("Clever girl!"