Monday, June 1, 2009

Manic Monday: Spice

Manic Monday on my blog has, apparently, gone the way of all the earth. Just like everything else about my blog. Here's a brief little resurrection of my favorite meme... Manic Monday.

I went to bed at 9:30 last night. Can you say wow?


I was up and showered at 7:00. I need another wow...


As I was blow-drying my hair, I was thinking of when I dyed it red a while ago. Actually, that last statement is not true. Let me take you for a ride on my train of thought:

As I was thinking of what to write about the word "spice" I was thinking of my WOW-bedtime and WOW-risetime and trying to tie it into the word spice. Then I thought of me blow-drying my hair at 7:15am. It was warm, then, with the blow dryer forcing hot air through my locks and across my skin. It was warm, and I'm currently cold. Maybe I should go and use the blow-dryer on my arms right now?

Anyway, as I conjured the image of myself and my blowdryer, I also saw the image of my hair. The color of my hair right now is rather interesting. I've been spending a lot of time in the sun and so it is getting lighter... a few blond highlights. My natural color is a sort of honeyish hue. My late dye-job still has left some residual strawberry.

The point of this railway journey of thought is really nothing. There is no point. Just that my hair color is currently reminiscent of spice. A mixture of nutmeg, cinnamon and chile powder... With a hint of cream of tartar. I don't recommend making anything out of that combination of spices. It would be rather yucky, but, at present, I'm kinda diggin' my hair.


Chatty Natty said...

And I'm kinda diggin' U....manic Monday, indeed!

Ginny said...

i was going to say what chatty natty said, "at present (and always) i'm digging clancy!" too funny (or too predictable?)

Anonymous said...

Thinking of your hair, I started singing the fruitcake song really loud (in my head):

Maria Hart said...

Spice does work for your hair... but I think it is a better adjective for your personality!

Emilee said...

Pictures please you cutie....I think Chris has a job...we are doing well...not sure if we are selling or staying? Garage sale at my house this weekend if you are bored! Love ya...Em

Polly said...

I think spicey colors are awesome. I keep wanting to paint my rooms some spice...paprika maybe, alas, I'm too I don't want to have to repaint when selling...if that time ever comes. :)

I bet your hair is awesome right now!