Wednesday, June 17, 2009

From The Jar... #39

Two weeks in a row!? The Jar is happier. But I don't feel like taking the time snap a picture of his happy face.

And the Jar says...

Tell about a special date you had with a boyfriend.

Nothing's jumping out at me as super "special", but I can think of some that were really fun! The night Dustin proposed to me was special I guess, but it was mostly just fun with a splash of special at the end. It was a Monday and we had "Family Home Evening" with our Singles Ward at the funky, local roller skating rink. I don't know if I've mentioned it, but I LOVE rollerblading, and so does Dustin. We like to go FAST... I love the speed, making my hair blow, cooling me off. Anyway, we zoomed around the rink and had "dances" and played limbo on blades. (Limbo is a very interesting game on rollerblades! I think I got second or third place. Go me!) It was just fun and I remember laughing a lot. I think we went to eat afterward.

(Suddenly I'm having Deja Vu... haven't I blogged about this before? Oh well...)

Here's the splash of specialness... After we (I think!) ate, Dustin took me up on a mountainside in the bitter February wind and proposed to me. That was special, even though I didn't say yes for another 6 days. (evil girl)

Another really fun date was in high school. It was a school dance and the boy I took was not my boyfriend but it was one of the most memorable dates I've had. So, yeah, girls' choice dance. I took Cody Baily. He was darned cute, so we thought. Matching shirts and all that. For dinner, we got Chinese take-out and went to Liberty Park in Salt Lake City. This park has a pond where you can rent canoes or paddle boats. It was early enough in the year that the boat rides were only open on Saturdays and this was a Friday night, but I had an "in" with the owner. I worked for her AND she was my sister's boyfriend's (now husband) mother! So, I got us all hooked up. Josh and Sarah came and unlocked the canoes and we paddled our little way out to the little island on the lake. We spread blankets on a pavilion and ate our Chinese goodness. We all felt so clever!

Then we went to the dance for a minute, got our silly pictures taken, and went on a scare-fest. We visited every freaky place we could think of in Salt Lake. The Salt Lake City Cemetery, the lime kilns, the Hippity Hoppity Lady, and we even sneaked into our church building which was very old and scary, especially at night, in the dark. After being thouroughly freaked out, we took our dates home. I seem to recall the boys saying that was the funnest date they had ever been on. I felt the same way.


Anonymous said...

that is hilarious!!!!

Ginny said...

some time when you are down here i want you to take me on a tour of your "salt lake." I want to see the lime kiln location and all the rest too! it's not like we grew up that far apart, but i definitely don't know the same places!! :-)

Polly said...

Tsk, tsk. Rule-breaker!

Visiting scary places with a bunch of silly friends can't go wrong!!! (enter scary music and ... cut)
Yeah, that's how all the horror movies start!


Emily Clark said...

Ooh, ooh, I wanna hear more about you waiting 6 days to say 'yes.' :)

That dance date sounds like a ton of fun. Was it Sadie's Hawkin's? It's funny how every part other than the actual dancing part is more enjoyable when it comes to school dances. :)

Clancy Pants said...

Ok, Emily, I hope you come back and check this.

I have written about my 6 day proposal answer before. If you'd like to hear more about it, read this post. It's down five or six questions (or something). :)

Travis said...

Six days to say yes?

Genene said...

"I love that story!"