Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Five

1- We tore out many things in our backyard last weekend with my dad's Bobcat. We shoveled thousands of pounds of dirt. (my dad has a Dump-trailer and it was so full of dirt that it was too heavy to dump. He's never had that happen before and he once had 12,000 lbs {or was it 10,000?} of concrete in it and it still dumped. My dad guessed that it weighed about 15,000 lbs and we had to shovel it all somewhere else! Go US!) Now, today and tomorrow we get to put in a lovely new fence! And the sweetest part of this deal? We are splitting the cost of the fence with our next-door neighbor so it's turning out quite cheap! YAY!!!!

2- Had a lovely visit with my pal, Maria, yesterday. She was in town. Then in a few minutes we're off to play with her and her kids some more! I love my Maria.

3- Got some new makeup the other day. So silly how a simple little thing can be so fun and make you feel snazzy. I love snazzy.

4- I had a dream the other morning (in the wee hours) and I had to call 911 in the dream. Dustin woke me up because I was saying my phone number out loud as I told it to the 911 operator in the dream. I love the weirdness of dreams and the subconscious mind!

5- Free lunch just for saying no? What a good deal!


Kristin said...

1. I hope you're taking pictures of all these yard changes. I want to see!!!

2. Good friends are the best. I'm jealous Maria!

3. Anything new is refreshing... I love it!

4. That's awesome! I never speak anything coherent in my sleep.

5. Huh?

Elena said...

Dreams are my favorite. Last night I dreamed Arnold Schwarzenegger was in the bishopric of a new ward I had moved too. Too weird!!

Go you and all your hard work! I want to see some pictures now!

Travis said...

Free lunches rock!

Ginny said...

i agree with Kristin on #5 but apparently Travis understands something we don't. can't even get started with #4...don't have the time. love new makeup, can't wait to see pics of the yard and hooray for friends that are good for the soul. love 'em.

Maria Hart said...

Thanks for a couple of days of much needed friend-loading. It is a good thing we are traveling up to Idaho so often this summer!

brits said...

I'm with Kristin on #2 and you ARE snazzy! Remember the chubby sticks? It was never about the make up and had everything to do with feeling snazzy!!!

Polly said...

haha...snazzy is a great word for that feeling!


thousands of pounds? I think I could use some of that. Anyway, these changes must be awesome... I'm awaiting before and after pics!!!