Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Five

It's Friday again and my head shakes in slack-jawed wonder. Are the weeks picking up speed as they pass or is it just me? I mean, really... June is halfway over, folks! And June means that the YEAR of 2009 is halfway over. Um, WHAT?! How did that happen? Regardless, there are many fabulous things happening right now.

1- My hubby took the day off of work today. I love it when that happens. He taught me a new skill...

2- We have several pieces of sandstone in our backyard and three of them were VERY thick pieces... three or four inches thick. My husband grew up quarrying sandstone with his dad and his great-uncle and step-grandpa, so he's got skills. He passed one on to his wife today. I am now the proud owner of a new skill-set: Sandstone splitting. It's so satisfying to watch a tiny crack grow bigger and bigger as you hammer it, and then CRACK! Half of it shears away and you suddenly have two lovely stones where before you only had one. Too cool, my friends. Too cool.

3- I worked mega-hard in my front flower beds on Tuesday and Wednesday and now they're so lovely and suddenly much bigger. Dustin was the man-power behind the operation. We nearly doubled the size of one bed and I bought a tiny-soon-to-be big bush along with some annuals to go in our new lovely space. It's all very charming. I must offer gratitude to my mother for instilling in me a love of creating beautiful flower beds. She's good, my mom. I grew up helping her and I like to think that some of that is bearing fruit here and now.

4-Chore charts are still going well. My kids are doing awesome and I'm so proud. They hardly even complain anymore, though I still have to remind them to get to work. I can handle that. Yipeee!!!!!!

5- I made banana bread yesterday. Y-U-M.

The end.


Travis said...

Banana bread??? Yum-OH!

Genene said...

Not only yum..... IT WAS EXQUISITE to bit into that first warm, moist with a slightly crunchy top...... mmm, mmmm,mmmmmm,mm,mmmmmm!! So Happy I was there to partake.

The new flower bed is SO lovely! I can hardly wait to see the plants mature & bloom.

I'm sooo happy your kids are doing good with the chores. This means they get to go to Lagoon & that means I get to go with them, you!

Cool new skill! I love rocks already, now I have a child who can cleave sandstone! Sweet!

Genene said...

I decided to try & catch up with your blogs..... so, lot's of emails from me tonight!! Love the groovy new background, tres darling. I've read & commented a bunch & now I must go ...... I so seepy! @_@

Ginny said...

pictures. I want pictures!!! (please.)

Polly said...

cool. what kinds of things did you plant in your now bigger beds?