Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Five

Oh man! I almost forgot to blog today and I'm going for the 5 days/week for this week! (and Friday's are the easiest day!)

A twist for today- I mentioned the crazy rain we've been having and as I was driving this morning through a DOWNPOUR, I tried to think of the good things about all this rain. So, today's fab five is dedicated to you, Rain.

1- PUDDLES!!! They are so fun to drive through at about 30 mph. I was having a grand old time driving in all the puddles this morning.

2- Green. Everything looks SO very green with all the rain. Beauty abounds.

3-Pajamas. Rainy, rainy days make pajamas feel extra comfy!

4- My lawn and garden. I don't have to water them! It's all taken care of!

5- The aquifer. After many years of drought conditions, it's nice to feel like the aquifer is getting a nice big recharge!



Kristin said...

And sixth for Saturday:

The rain keeps the temperature down. Yay for a cooler spring!

Go rain!

Shanana said...

You forgot to mention the wonderful smell that always follows a good downpour. One of my favorite olfactory joys.

Travis said...

We're enjoying not having rain. We've got blue skies and sunshine, with mild temps in the 70s. I love that!

Ashley said...

I love the rain too!!! Good thing I live in Seattle, huh? :)

Emily and Dustin said...

Yay for being positive about the rain!

Polly said...

Plus...natural filter for amazing pics! Glad you enjoyed it in some kind of way! (I still say you could send it here and I would dance and laugh in it...and then I would read a book on the patio and listen to it and breath it!!)

Genene said...

Yay! Rain, rain & more rain.... It's amazing how many people have complained about it after we've been praying for it for the last few years so we could "get out of the drought". I thank God for the gift of the rain even if I'm weeding in the mud sometimes. I loved reading your blog about your appreciation of it........