Thursday, May 7, 2009

Edge of a Knife

It's a hard line to walk.
And all you can do is walk it and wait.

Ring-Around-The-Rosie in whispers and giggles.
Duck-Duck-Goose in tears and anguish.

The longing coupled with complete aversion
Gnaws at every moment,
Both exhilarating and nauseating.
The unseen, unknown and unfathomable flood
Of unfounded fear and potential joy
Swirling in an incessant current,
Drowning it's succumbing victims.

Looming day whispers a promise of the Whole World,
Or one drop in the Ocean of Time,
But there's only the waiting.
For now.


lynsey said...

thanks for this, i've missed ya. and hope everything's ok.

Polly said...

I always feel an unsatisfied questioning when I read your mysterious posts like this.
Keep it coming.

Ginny said...

did you and my heart have a conversation about the feelings i had while selling my house?!

:-) love you!

Travis said...

Very nice.

Maria Hart said...

Lovely. Cryptic. And, as usual, very tangible and real emotions and images.

Anonymous said...

i love this!!!!!!!!!!

Kristin said...

I love it! I love what Ginny said too... helped me "get it" better. Love you both and hope the joy outweighs anything else!

Ginny said...

love it even more now!!