Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dear Blog,

I'm sorry for my persistent absence. I have left you alone far too much, and it simply can't be good for you. I have been worried about someone reporting me for blog-neglect. That's so selfish, really. I'm worried about myself when you're the one who's hurting!

Even though I haven't been around, I think of you. I think of you in between all the other thoughts that have been swimming circles in my head. I've had a lot on my mind and it's all very crowded in my skull. Really, I should be hashing it all out with you, my stalwart friend, but for inexplicable reasons, I've been unable.

I told you once before that I look for silver linings. Do you remember that? Actually, I think it was my last post, just over a week ago. Well, I'm looking for them now and, in spite of your neglect, guess what I've found? Balance. At least a little bit... Along with more sleep. You have been telling me for a while now that I need to get more sleep and I'm finally obliging. Hopefully I can continue on this track because it's healthier for both of us. Wait patiently for me, Blog, as I'm sure I will be back, in force, once I figure out this phase of my life. (it's all an illusion, you know... just when I figure it out, a new phase rears it's head, ready to be tackled...)

Thanks for listening, Blog. I really have missed you and I hope to be feeling better soon.


P.S. I miss my hubby... fiercely.


Ginny said...

dear clancy, I'm glad you are getting more sleep, I love that you miss your husband fiercely (if you must miss him at all), and I hope you know your blog is not the only stalwart that will be here ready when you phase out of this phase and into a new one.

love you!!!

Anonymous said...

HEY CLANCY!!! GLAD TO SEE YOU BACK! i have missed you!!!!

Kristin said...

Dear Clancy, we have missed you. It's kinda' ironic how us frequent bloggers feel so "gone" when only a week has gone by. But it really does feel like you've been absent. I'll take what I can get, whenever you'll share.

Love you,

P.S. I also love that you miss your hubby "fiercely" since you have to miss him at all. (Ginny always says the best things before I have a chance to say it. ;o) )

Travis said...

A nice break is a good thing, especially when it results in perspective and balance.

beth s. said...

Even though we know another phase is always around the corner, it's nice to know we've completed and conquered. You're doing great! and awesome on the more sleep! thnaks for helping the rest of us in so many ways get through our phases. I'm sure I'm not the only one you've blessed. Love you, beth

The Beckstroms said...

Dear Clancy, You deserve more sleep and I am glad you have found some. It is so so good for us, keep that up! Glad you are back, your poem is amazing...what can't you do!? I feel lucky to know you and am excited for the Wasatch get together!