Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Clancy Trivia

- Clancy loves the smell of scotch tape. Loves it. Enough to snag a piece every now and then and stick it on her nose so she can smell it as she walks around.

- Clancy likes to talk in third person. "And that," she says, "is the coolest thing about Facebook."

- Clancy is going to explode with anxiety sometime in the next couple days. Then, on Friday, she will melt into a puddle and read a 1400+ page book.

- Clancy's laundry is currently exploded all over her large basement laundry room. She was doing good at keeping up. And then, she wasn't.

- Clancy is irritated by her iPod car charger. Why won't it work!??

- Clancy bought the wrong ink cartridge for her printer. Why!? WWWWHHHHHYYYYYY!!!!???

- Clancy had a lovely but very busy Memorial Weekend. Non-stop action.

- Clancy wants to sell her houses because she is sick of dealing with renters.

- Clancy's husband loves her and she him.

- Clancy doesn't remember how to cook real dinner anymore. She's completely derailed.

- Clancy is done with this silly post.


Kaci said...

Clancy needs a vacation! :)

Emily and Dustin said...

I have a thing for dry erase markers. They smell AMAZING! :)

Kristin said...

I miss you! When do you visit again?

Polly said...

I was hoping for a "like" button that I could just click as my response. :)
Alas, blogger isn't made for sleepy people still getting over sicknesses and makes them form some sort of thought when responding...or not.
Nest time you see me respond with a single


You'll know...

Ginny said...

silly. and i love it!

Maria Hart said...

Cereal is a wonder food! It is fortified so it MUST count for, like, 6 different food groups with all the vitamins they inject. And... eating out is highly underrated, even in a recession. Ditto on the laundry... I keep waiting for the laundry fairy to take care of it at night while I am soundly sleeping. It hasn't worked yet. I may resort to just making everybody in the house wear the same thing for a solid week straight. This week will be over in two days. Hang in there!

Rachel Chick said...

Clancy needs to go with Rachel to the zoo in the morning!!! :) I'll call you later --- hopefully I won't put it off until tomorrow morning . . . :)

Shanana said...

In my childhood, I used to sniff the purple "dittos" that the teachers would pass out in lieu of photocopies. Aaaaaah! I still remember it well.