Sunday, April 12, 2009

Win One For Yourself!

You know you want to! Everybody likes to be a winner! Here's a little lady that I was introduced to who became my friend in short order. We were introduced by my mother and I'm so glad we were! Miss Chatty Natty is classy and smart, beautiful and kind. We're even Facebook friends now. Technology is so helpful for budding friendships!

Anyway, thechattydiaries is holding a giveaway, and you all know I just can't resist those giveaways! Win a necklace. They're HOT! I have several of them already, and I wear them all the time and get TONS of compliments on them. So, I must have more. More, more, more! To get a chance at my more, I must blog about them to get more entries. That means I'm going to win, right? Well, perhaps I will or perhaps I won't. Perhaps it's YOU that will win! Go on. Click on the linky. You know you want to!


Ginny said...

linky? don't think I can scrabble it but I love it.

Polly said...

Is she not making those anymore? Very pretty.

Kristin said...

Wahoo... you WON!!! Yay, I was really hoping for that!