Thursday, April 9, 2009

Random Repeat

This is a total cop-out, but I'm doing it all the same. Here's a list of 25 random things about me that I did on Facebook. I thought they'd be a fun addition to the future blog-book.

1- I've been tagged by this things about 420 times. I decided to finally do it once the "rash" was pretty much over. In other words, I like to do things in my own time. (AKA procrastinator) The only reason I'm doing it right now is because I'm waiting for clothes to dry so I can change the laundry and then go to bed.

2- I like to exaggerate numbers, and I usually include a 2, 3 or an 8 in those exaggerated numbers.

3- I like to write. It makes me feel better.

4- I would play Frisbee everyday of my life if I could.

5- I have a birthmark that looks like a Chips Ahoy cookie.

6- I love to make junk piles to donate to good will but I have a really hard time actually getting the piles into the car and out of the house. I also suck at mailing things.

7- My bedroom is ridiculously messy right now and I'm pretty sure my spotless mother-in-law saw it this morning while she was here and I was gone. Lucky for me, she loves me anyway.

8- I adore cold cereal, much to my husband's dismay.

9- I like to do roundoffs and cartwheels in shopping malls and parking lots.

10- I think it's hysterical to walk up to perfect strangers, pretend I know them, act really excited to see them, hug them, tell them how awesome their sister did on her play, let them know how I wish I could've been there for their child's baptism, tell them to say "hi" to their family from me and that I've got to run, and then walk away quickly. If you haven't done something like that, you haven't lived!

11- I don't eat chicken, except for the rarest of occasions.

12- I ADORE horseradish, wasabi and Chinese hot mustard. I craved it everyday when I was pregnant with my last baby. (4 years ago!!!!! has it really been that long?... yes. yes it has....)

13- I have grand aspirations including (but not limited to) singing karaoke at a karaoke bar or, better yet, on a cruise ship with lots of fun friends, and seeing lots of shows live on Broadway (see side bar of blog in description. I totally stole that one from myself.)

14- I once had my natal chart done by an astrologist and I thought it was absolutely fascinating and extremely accurate.

15- I have a problem going to bed at any sort of reasonable hour (obviously).

16- I think the words tuba, sofa and galoshes are really funny.

17- When I was in high school my friends and I would, on occasion, drag State in Salt Lake in my big, 1 ton, dual axle, crew cab Chevy Truck. (It was a less frightening State Street back then) It had a broken push-button radio... so no music, but we didn't let that stop us. We would start singing a song, complete with harmony, and if we forgot the words or finished the song, one of us would push a button like we were changing station and we'd have to scramble to think of another song. It was a party! And when we were feeling really crazy, we'd find the car full of the most preppy, cheerleader-looking girls and we'd pretend to hit on them, just to see their reaction. Yes, we were stupid, but man was it funny!

18- My house eats light bulbs. My dad says that's not a good sign. Maybe we should get that checked out?

19- I love to read. I eat books even faster than my house eats light bulbs.

20- I have really amazing people in my life that I am proud to call friends.

21- Laughing really hard is my favorite thing to do.

22- I have the most generous and adoring husband. We truly have a great relationship, a fact I am grateful for on a daily basis. Also, I could eat my children, they are so cute, not to mention smart and sweet!

23- I have to go to bed now. The laundry was changed 22 minutes ago. (this does not apply anymore. Maybe I should have a new random item in here? How 'bout this: I like to freak people out with this "eye thing" that I do. But I have to know you REALLY well, or I won't do it. I've been told that I could be in a horror movie all by myself because I'm so freaky when I do this face and the thing with my eyes. If you want to see it, come hang out with me more...)

24- I wish felt more comfortable dancing. Maybe I should get hypnotized? I was hypnotized once at a hypnotist show and he told us we were famous people. I was Sarah McLaughlin and I stood up and sang "Angel" a'capella on stage in front of several hundred people. Previous to this experience, I was PETRIFIED to sing a solo, and after, almost no fear at all. Totally amazing.

25- When walking down the sidewalk,I draw 'X'es in my mind on the sidewalk squares. Then I have to step in the triangles that are created by the X without touching the imaginary lines.

The End.


Connie said...

I put my 25 random list on my blog too. It took me so long to do it that I had to put it to good use.

Polly said...

Yep, I'm sure you already saw mine on there. I debated whether or not to change a couple of them, since they were pretty fb oriented, but in the end...I just posted them. It would have taken much longer if I had changed them.


Chatty Natty said...

I loved reading the random 25 things on facebook but seriously hate all the other "tags."

I'm really loving 8 and 10...not to mention dragging State! Ha, maybe I saw you there and picked a fight:)

Kristin said...

It was fun... even the second time around!

Emily and Dustin said...

You used to drag State? Me too! Ha ha!

State isn't scary nowadays is it?